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The Shinkensan Model accelerates to
217 miles an hour, cutting journey time
to 3 hours from Ahmedabad to Mumbai.
Mukesh sings “ Meri gaadi hai japaani”
in a soulful studio radio.
Born post-war, Shinso Abe smiles
and waves and hugs like Hirohito.

This Bullet Train is the Brahmaasthra of the epics.
Or, the Narayanasthra or the Rama Bana.
Sometimes, it is a Mohanasthra that drugs
billions of people putting them in a daze.

There is another Bullet Train.
A 7.65 Calibre Make in India model
that passes through stations with
strange names like Kalburgi South
Pansare West and Dhabolkar Central
Its destination set in Bangalore
where it rockets through a pulsating heart.

This train now will pass through
Under skin arteries and veins and nerves
Tunneling through bone marrow and muscles
Till it comes to rest on a magnificent spine bridge,
perched like a toy train in a full moon night
till the slightest breeze causes the compartments
to topple into a depthless soul, one by one.

Ra Sh is a poet from Kerala