India to Impose Death Penalty on Hijackers

TEHRAN (FNA)- India’s Civil Aviation Ministry announced on Wednesday that the country would introduce a new anti- hijacking law to impose death penalty on hijackers.

“The civil aviation ministry plans to introduce the Anti- Hijacking Act 2014, which proposes to incorporate the death penalty for convicted hijackers if there is loss of life of passengers, treat conspirators at par with those actually carrying out the hijacking, and also provide for confiscation of property of the guilty,” the state news agency reported.

“The new law will repeal the current law on hijacking which was taken effect in 1982,” the report said.

Under the new law, the ambit of hijacking is also expected to be widened from just “in-flight”, which means when aircraft doors are closed to “in-service”, according to the report.

It further added that the law would apply to acts of violence or force not just in the air but also on the ground when the aircraft doors are not yet fully secured.

In 2005, the Indian government approved a new anti-hijack policy, stressing that “an aircraft being used as a missile can be shot down”.

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