15 Best India TV stories that won Rajat Sharma a Padma Bhushan

It’s not easy to win one of India’s most prestigious awards. See in pictures, India TV founder Rajat Sharma’s hard work, that earned him a Padma Bhushan.

Noida: Editor-in-Chief of India TV, Rajat Sharma is conferred India’s third highest civilian award – Padma Bhushan this year. Rajat Sharma is considered one of India’s most honest journalist and has been strongly vocal against menace of Yellow Journalism and Paid News. Teekhi Mirchicompiled a list of Top-15 stories that his news channel aired, and that impressed the jurists, eventually earning him this prestigious award:

1. Aliens Drink Cow Milk

People of India are highly grateful to India TV for enlightening us on Aliens' interest in our planet's animals, especially cows. This may one day, reveal the secrets of ancient 'Kamdhenu' Cow as well.

2. Love-Triangle in Jungle

India TV was the first to understand conversation between a tiger and his beloved tigress. They, in fact, spoke English. The love-triangle among these cats was beautifully captured by India TV, and would give most bollywood film-makers a run for their money.

3. Aliens Conspiring to Abduct Himesh Reshammiya

Aliens love Himesh Reshammiya's music because nobody has nasal voice in their galaxy. They are planning to abduct him and appoint him as DJ in discotheques all over their planet.

4. Kalyug ka Khatma – Satyug ki Wapsi!

India TV, probably took the movie "2012" too seriously and re-branded the story as 'Return of the Satyuga'. Well, FYI, we're still in Kalyuga :)

5. Beware, Ice-Man is Sitting in your Bedroom!

Rajat Sharma was the first to discover 'Yeti' or 'Him-Manav' somewhere in Himalayas. Beware because it could be in bedroom too, watching you do dirty things ;)

6. Bedroom par Garmagaram behas! Live Suhagraat!!!

Bedroom par Garmagaram behas! Live Suhagraat!!! Heated debate on the most pressing issue India is facing in current time. And to discuss we have experts in our studio: Rakhi Sawant and KRK!

7. We’ve got Some Double Meaning Headlines to Confuse you :)

We want brainee people to watch our stories, so we make headlines that are double-meaning. Interpret in a way you like :)

8. D. K. Bose Spotted, Thank Me

One of the world's best Investigative Journalis finally found who's D.K. Bose and where he lives

9. We Found it…Staircase to Heaven!

India TV made a chilling revelation when they showed precise location of 'Swarg ki Seedhi'. Now, we don't need to visit temples or mosques, just book a ticket to this Staircase!

10. After Fairy-tales, Here are some Horror ones

That scary 'Chudail' in India wearing white Saari isn't thirsty for blood. All she wants in Onion - Yes, that costly  thing that brings tears and changes election results. 'Pyaj diya to Anhoni, Na Diya to Bachchon ki Maut'. What would you like? Jingalala or Maut?

11. No-No…Not Non-Veg Tree, You just Die Touching it

Khooni Ped - Darna Zaroori Hai! There is one in Rajatji's backyard too :)

12. Sachin ke Dimag me Shaitan!

Many of India TV journalists are Neurologists too. They know what lies in Sachin's brain. Shoulder is too mainstream you know :)

13. Gayab Karne wala Lotion

A lotion to you to disappear like Mr. India, or if you prefer - Tussar Kapoor ;)

14. We’ve also got some Magic Shows for You

Rajat Sharma presents...India TV's Magic Show...Car ho gayee Chhoo-Mantar!

15. For God’s Sake, Watch TV! Errr…India TV

We plead...Bending before you dear viewers...For God's sake watch TV.  India TV is your Gateway to 'Moksha' or 'Nirvana' as you make call it.