Agra (Uttar Pradesh) [India],: A Hindu right-wing group on Sunday announced that they would oppose the New Year’s celebrations here with the support of ruling Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) party.

Vishwa Hindu Mahasangh chief Manoj Agrawal the New Year’s celebrations were part of Western culture, which they would not allow to reign in here.

“In the name of New Year celebrations, obscenity is witnessed in hotels and we condemn it. First we will try to explain them through methods used by Mahatama Gandhi, but if they do not accept it then actions will be taken,” Agrawal told ANI

Meanwhile, BJP MP Pramod Gupta echoed Agrawal’s sentiments.

“We are enlightening the youth to celebrate the New Year according to Hindu custom, so that the next generation will be aware of our culture,” Gupta added. (ANI)


Main Objectives of Hindu Maha Sangh


The Principle objective of the WHF shall be promote Hindu philosophy through effective coordination and cooperation by providing common platform to Omkar Pariwar i.e. Vaidie, Jain, Budhhist & Sikhh organization.



Aims and objectives: 

    •  To foster Educational, Cultural, Social and Spiritual affinities among the Hindus by promoting the philosophies of Omkar Pariwar.
    •  To serve and /or strengthen institutions and organizations that serve orphans, senior citizens, disabled, widows, poor and needy.
    •  To study the philosophical, spiritual and cultural ways of lives of the Rishis, Maharshis and Saints.
  •  To create awareness for the protection of cows and eradicate orthodox discriminatory social practices and anomalies of custom, beliefs and rituals without infringing the basic principles enumerated in the Holy Scriptures.