Gwalior: In yet another case of inhuman behavior, a pregnant woman was forced to deliver in the open outside a primary health centre near Gwalior in Madhya Pradesh.

The 30-year-old woman Draupaid from Kulaith village entered into labour pain on Tuesday night. She was rushed to the local primary health centre at around 3 am, but the sweeper refused to open the lock put on the primary hospital. On being asked for entry, the sweeper Ramkishan said, he was only authorized to open the lock for government officials.

The family and other villagers informed the health and administrative officials, but the primary health centre  unlocked the next morning after the arrival of the doctor.

Ramkishan refused to open the lock and did not even bother to inform the doctor. Meanwhile, Draupadi was in immense pain.

The villagers arranged for a cot and made Draupadi lie down on it. Police was informed about the incident. Next morning, when the doctor arrived, the agitated villagers did not let him unlock the hospital. Police intervened and convinced the villagers to allow the hospital to be unlocked. The woman and her new born baby was then admitted to the hospital and given medical attention. Both mother and the child are now out of danger.

Earlier, a similar case was reported from Mexico where a woman was denied entry into the clinic which forced her to deliver in a lawn. A passerby captured the moment in her camera and the photo became viral on social media raising a question on the medical facilities of the area.
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