Bhaskar News   |  Jun 03, 2014, 14:00PM IST

Lucknow: The rape cases in Uttar Pradesh are increasing at a high pace. Since the Badaun gang rape case and controversial statements made by Chief Minister Akhilesh Yadav, the UP government is under pressure. People are angry over the no law and order situation in the state.
After horrifying rape cases in Badaun, azamgarh and Itawa, nothing comes as a shock in the state.The water seems to have gone over the head now as another rape attempt came to light.
In Aligarh, some goons forcibly entered the government house of a female judge and tried to rape her. After the judge resisted it and they failed in the attempt, the men made her drink the insecticide medicine and escaped from the spot.
The incident came to light in the morning when the maid came to house. The initial treatment of the judge was going on in a hospital in Aligarh but she was shifted to a private hospital later.
The incident took place at late night on Sunday. According to sources police suppressed the matter till Monday. As per the information, the victim is a civil judge and resides alone in the government provided house at civil line. Her family lives in Bareilly.
On Monday morning, when her maid went to home for work, the door was locked from inside and nobody opened the door. She tried but no one came up to open the door so she informed the officials and police officers nearby.
Thereafter, an official was sent inside the house from the back door who further opened the door. Everyone rushed towards the room of the victim and saw her lying unconscious on her bed with the bottle of insecticide by her side. She was rushed to the hospital.
The brother of the victim filed a complaint in the civil lines police station nominating the names of 2 relatives and alleged them with attempt to rape.
According to the statement, around midnight on Sunday, both the relatives entered the home from the back door. They did not face any problem in opening the door as it was already weak.
Thereafter, they made her unconscious and tried to rape her. When she tried to resist it, they injured her with the knife. The reason of the attack is said to be family dispute.
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