Demand Joint Mechanism to Deal with Terrorism

We the concerned citizens of India and Pakistan unequivocally condemn the dastardly attack by terrorists in Gurdaspur, Punjab on 27th July 2015 and express our heartfelt condolences and solidarity with the families of four police personal and three civilians killed.


Taking note of the statements alleging that the terrorists have crossed from the border with Pakistan and the condemnation of the attack by the Government of Pakistan and their denunciation of all forms of terrorism, we strongly urge that it is high time for India and Pakistan to jointly address the issue of terrorism that is causing incalculable damage to both countries and the entire Sub-Continent.


It is clear that all such attacks are perpetrated by some vested interests who are determined to derail the spirit of dialogue and peaceful resolution of outstanding issues. At this juncture, both sides should maintain equanimity of mind and refuse to be led into the trap laid by terror outfits. Both countries should continue with the proposed meetings of the NSAs as decided at Ufa and initiate sustained processes for bilateral dialogues to resolve all outstanding issues, lay foundations for a joint mechanism to fight terrorism and promote optimal regional cooperation.


We demand that India, Pakistan and all other countries of South Asia should immediately set up a joint mechanism to address terrorism as per the SAARC Regional Convention on Suppression of Terrorism that was signed by all SAARC countries on 4th November 1987 and ensure that all organisations and individuals involved in any form of terrorism are identified, proscribed and prosecuted with utmost urgency and vigour to root out the menace from the region.


We also demand a thorough and time bound investigation into the present terror attack and urge all countries and investigation bodies to cooperate fully in unraveling the conspiracy and exposing all groups and actors involved in perpetrating the current terror attack to ensure there are no repeats in future.

India Pakistan
Mahesh Bhat-MumbaiKaramat Ali- Karachi
Jatin Desia-MumbaiSheema Kirmani- Karachi
Kodanda Ramiah-BanguluruFarooq Tariq- Lahore
Satya Paul- DelhiB.M.Kutty- Karachi
Mazher Hussain-Hyderabad