Meeting to develop intervention strategies for public participation in Mumbai DP revision process



Many individuals and organizations in the city have been working on various issues relating to the development plan revision process but the Municipal Corporation has not accorded any recognization to them. As a matter of fact the Corporation has no intention, as it seems till now, to allow people’s participation in the DP revision process. It seems that the development plan department of the Corporation is carrying-out the revision process through a FrenchIndian Consultancy Company only through the expert advice of our appointed committee.


We firmly believe that the new development plan that is to be launched in 2014, must reflect the needs and aspirations of all the people of the city and not based on the ideas of few officials of the Corporation and the government. It is shocking to know that even the survey of existing land-use that is being carried-out by the French-Indian Consultancy company is ridden with major mistakes and discrepancies.


In order to challenge this exclusive DP revision process and to demand a participatory frame-work,  several groups have decided to call a wider citizens meeting. The agenda of the meeting would be to discuss threadbare various aspects of a participatory frame-work for the survey of the existing land use and subsequently for the preparation of the new Development Plan.


Development plan defines the land-use in the city thereby and thereby greatly affecting our lives. We all have to actively intervene in this revision process and facilitate a wider public dialogue and participation.


We therefore request you to kindly make it a point to attend this meeting on Saturday, 6th October. Also please invite representatives of citizens associations, ALMs and NGOs who you think would be interested in participating in this discussion.



Meeting Date: 6th October, 2012


Time: 3.30 p.m. – 7.00 p.m.


Venue: Vanmaali Hall, 3rd Floor, Dadar (W), Mumbai


 Akshara, Beghar Adhikar Abhiyaan, CCDT, Maharastra Machimar Kruthi Samithi, Mumbai Nagrik Vikas Manch, Nivara Hakk  Open Mumbai, SOS, Shahar Vikas Manch, TISS, UDRI, YUVA………………. and many more.

 for more information [email protected]