The MCGM is in the process of Revising the Development Plan for Mumbai 2014-34. MCGM has prepared a Document called as “Preparatory Study” for the revision process. We are pleased to inform you that the MCGM has solicited inputs from the stakeholders in the revision of the development plan in the meeting that was conducted by the Municipal Commissioner on the 29th of November 2013. As decided in the meeting the UDRI has taken the responsibility of facilitating the workshops on behalf of MCGM for Health, Education, Urban Form, and Digital inclusion.


Schedule: –


The Urban Form Workshop coordinated by UDRI is scheduled for 15th of January 2014 Wednesday (TOMORROW) from 3.00pm


The Health Workshop will be coordinated by SNEHA and is scheduled for the 29th of January 2014 (Wednesday) from 3.00pm


The Digital Inclusion workshop coordinated by the IIT Bombay is scheduled for 5th of February 2014 (Wednesday) from 3.00pm (Venue to be Confirmed)


Kindly be seated 10 minutes in advance.

If you wish to make a presentation at this workshop please let us know in advance so that we can plan accordingly. It would save us some time if you can share the presentation with us beforehand.


Venue: –

F/South Ward office

Conference Hall

Jn. of Dr. Ambedkar Road and J. Bhatnagar Marg

Parel Mumbai 400012



We have limited seating so please restrict to one person per organisation.

Contact: Rosaline Vaz [email protected] (91-22)65735773


Please do make it convenient to attend this meeting  and share this invitation with other concerned citizens/Organisations in the City. This workshop is without charges and all are welcome. Inputs from this workshop will be used for the preparation of the Development Plan.


Urban Design Research Institute

43, Dr. V B Gandhi Marg

Kalaghoda, Fort

Mumbai 400 023

(91-22)2282 2924, (91-22)65735773


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