Bhaskar News  |  Nov 22, 2014, 18:31PM IST
Exclusive: Iranian women visiting Taj Mahal perform 'Asr Ki Namaz' at Hanuman Mandir
Agra: Iranian women visiting Taj Mahal found themselves in a difficult situation when they could not find a clean place to perform ‘Asr Ki Namaz’ in the evening on Thursday.
With the help of locals, they performed Namaz in the premises of Hanuman Mandir (Temple). Even the temple priest helped them and said: “Temple belongs to everyone; no one here is denied entry because of religion.” Islamic scholars have found nothing wrong in this.
“Namaz can be performed at any pious place,” said Islamic Scholar Maulana Nadimul Wajidi.
Iranian women reached Agra on Thursday. In the evening, they were around Taj View Crossing and time for ‘Asr Ki Namaz’ was fast approaching. They started looking for a suitable place to perform their prayers. Since they spoke only Farsi Language, no one could guide them to the mosque. Soon they found themselves in front of Hanuman Mandir.
Shravan, who sells flowers outside the temple, could make out from their gestures that they wanted to perform Namaz. He told them they could perform their prayers in the temple.
According to Shravan, Iranian women never expected to be allowed to perform Namaz at the temple. “They really got very happy after the offer,” he said.
Women were looking for something to spread and Shravan offered them a newspaper. They spread the newspaper and performed Namaz there.
“There is only one God, and no one is denied entry here on the basis on religion,” said Priest Rambrij Shastri of the temple.