12 March 2013



The Chairman

Faridkot House

Copernicus Murg

New Delhi-110001


Respected Sir,



I want to draw your kind attention regarding the unchecked torturous acts by Mr. Sandip Sen, presently Officer-in-Charge of Islampur Police Station, Murshidabad, though we have made consecutive complaints to your Commission and other governmental authorities but with our utter shock and disguise we found that his unbridled acts of torture upon the marginalized populace of the area under his jurisdiction has increased leaps and bounds. This present incident of physical torture and threats upon the victim; Mr. Mijanur Rahman by Mr. Sandip Sen was in continuation of that. Our fact finding report gives the details of the incident.



The incident was in continuation of brutal police torture upon  (1) Mr. Mahammad Seikh, son of- Late Khokan Seikh, aged about- 65 years; (2) Mr. Pintu Seikh, aged about- 35 years; (3) Mr. Kader Seikh, aged about- 39 years; (4) Mr. Mukul Seikh, Son of- Mr. Sakatulla Seikh, aged about- 18 years; (5) Mr. Sentu Seikh, son of- Mr. Kurman Seikh; (6) Mr. Tufani Seikh, Son of- Mr. Sentu Seikh, aged about- 17 years, all are residing at village- Darakati Barbona, Post Office- Maricha, Police Station- Islampur, District- Murshidabad on 12.11.2012 by the police personnel of Raningar and Domkal police stations, led by the officers in charge of the said police stations and circle inspector of Domkal. Mr. Pintu Seikh has been illegally detained at Domkal police station from 12.11.2012 to 15.11.2012. Mr. Pintu Seikh was later sent to prison in connection with Islampur Police Station Case No. 299/12 dated 12.11.2012 under sections 147/ 148/ 149/ 326/ 353/ 307 Indian Penal Code; sections 25 &27 of Arms Act and sections 3 & 4 of Explosive Substances Act. The victim, Pintu, made a prayer before the court on his illegal detention and torture committed upon him. It made the Officer in Charge of Domkal Police Station furious. The Officer in Charge of Islampur police station raided the house of Mr. Pintu Seikh, out of utter vengeance, on the midnight of 16.2.2013. He was brought into the police station and severely tortured by the said Officer in Charge and allegedly forced him to withdraw his complaint against Mr. Sandip Sen; the Officer in Charge of Islampur Police Station by obtaining his signature in a blank paper. While, his brother in law; Mr. Mijanur Rahman came to know the incident, he rushed to Islampur and after consulting few activists, was writing a complaint for the Superintendent of Police- Murshidabad. Mr. Mijanur Rahman assisted our activists in previous occasions on the issues of torture at the area. 


On the date of incident Mr. Mijanur Rahman tried to meet his Brother-In-Law; Mr. Pintu Seikh at Islampur police station, where he was illegally detained and tortured. But the perpetrator police personnel did not allow Mr. Mijanur Rahman to meet his brother-in- law. Then the victim tried to send a written complaint to the Superintendent of Police, Murshidabad to reveal the illegal detention and physical torture to his brother in law by Mr. Sandip Sen; Officer in Charge of Islampur Police Station, while he was writing the complaint at nearby tea stall, he was forcibly lifted and brought to Islampur police station by the police personnel of Islampur PS on the direction of Mr. Sandip Sen. He was not only resisted to meet Mr. Pintu Seikh but was brought to Islampur police station and brutally thrashed.  After that the victim was illegally detained in the police lock up of Islampur Police Station and was beaten in the lock up again and later released without any prescribed precudure, during his detention, he was forced to accompany the police personnel in raids at Bahrampur in search of Mr. Gopen Chandra Sharma; our activist. The brother of the victim lodged a written complaint to the Superintendent of Police, Murshidabad on 19.2.2013. But till date no actions has been taken by the higher authority of the police. We made medical treatment available to Mr. Mijanur Rahman at our end. Now, he is under tremendous psychological distress and due to threats not in a position to make a complaint.


I am appending a detail of the incident herewith, as well want to remind you that the previous case study regarding the illegal detention and physical torture on Mr. Pintu Seikh is with you.


Hence I seek an urgent intervention regarding this matter in the following manner: –


  • ·       The whole incident must be investigated by an independent agency
  • ·       Mr. Sandip Sen; the Officer in Charge of Islampur Police Station must be booked under the provisions of law for his acts which has crossed every proportion of misdemeanor 
  • ·       The victims must be provided with ultimate safety and security
  • ·       The other police personnel must be booked under the law and must be booked for threatening and abusing the victims.


Thanking You

 Yours truly,



 (Kirity Roy)

Secretary, MASUM


National Convener, PACTI



Name of the victim: – Mr. Pintu Seikh and Mr. Mijanur Rahman, Son of- Mr. Aktar Seikh, Age- about 38 years, residing at Village- Sahebnagar, Police Station- Jalangi, District- Murshidabad, West Bengal.

Name of the perpetrator: –

  • ·       Mr. Sandip Sen (Officer-In-Charge of Islampur Police Station)
  • ·       Mr. Tushar Babu (Sub-Inspector of Islampur Police Station)
  • ·       6/7 other involved police constables of Islampur Police Station, Murshidabad

Date and time of incident: – On 16.02.2013 at 1 PM and thereafter.

Place of the incident: – In a tea shop near Raj Hotel under Islampur Police Station, Murshidabad


Case details:

The victim in this report was the brother-in-law of Mr. Pintu Seikh. Mr. Pintu Seikh was tortured by the police of Islampur on 12.11.2012 and illegally detained till 15.1.2012. On that incident Mr. Pintu Seikha and his four companions were brutally assaulted by Mr. Sumit Talukdar (Officer-in-Charge of Raninagar Police Station), Mr. Sandip Sen (Officer-in-Charge of Islampur Police Station), Mr. Swapan Poddar (Assistant Sub-Inspector of Islampur Police Station) and about 29/34 police constables of both Raninagar and Islampur police stations. After that Mr. Pintu Seikh’s four companions were produced before the Lalbagh court on 13.11.2012. But Mr. Pintu Seikh was not produced before the court on that day. He was illegally detained at Islampur police station. One written petition was moved in the Lalbagh court describing the incident of illegal detention of the Mr. Pintu Seikh. The court directed the Investigating Officer to submit a report regarding the matter of the incident of illegal detention. But the report by the Investigating Officer clearly mentioned that Mr. Pintu Seikh was arrested on 14.11.2012, which was false and fabricated. So the allegation of illegal detention of Mr. Pintu Seikh in the Islampur police station came as counterfeit. Mr. Pintu Seikh was produced before the court on 15.11.2012. After that Mr. Pintu Seikh filed an affidavit through his advocate regarding his allegged illegal detention vide General Records 3202/12 in the Lalbagh Court, Murshidabad. On 29.01.2013, he filed a complaint under section 156(3) of the Code of Criminal Procedure before the Lalbagh court praying punishment for the perpetrator police personnel.


On 16.02.2013 at 1 am, the perpetrator police personnel came to the village of Mr. Pintu Seikh by a police van and surrounded his house. After that Mr. Sandip Sen illegally trespassed into his house without taking any lady police constables with him at the wee hours. Mr. Sandip Sen awaken Pintu Seikh and his wife from sleep and threatened Pintu Seikh to withdraw the complaint which he filed before the Lalbagh Court regarding previous incident of illegal detention and police torture meted upon him . But Pintu Seikh refused to do so. The perpetrator police personal tied his hands on his back with a piece of cloth and verbally abused and dragged him to their car and threatened him by saying that he would be falsely implicated in a ‘Ganja’ (narcotic) case. The perpetrator police personnel took him to the Islampur police station and detained him at the said police station.


On the same day; Mr. Mijanur Rahman went to the Islampur police station taking his sister, the wife of Mr. Pintu Seikh to meet with the victim, but the police personnel of the said police station did not allow them to meet with Mr. Pintu Seikh. After that in an adjoining tea shop of Raj Hotel, Mr. Mijanur Rahman was trying to make a written complaint to the Superintendent of Police; Murshidabad revealing the incident of harassment and threats upon Mr. Pintu Seikh by the perpetrator police personnel of the Islampur police station. Suddenly Mr. Tushar Babu accompanied with six or seven other police constables of Islampur Police Station came to that tea shop after getting the information from an unknown person that the victim was trying to write a complaint to the Superintendent of Police, Murshidabad. The police personnel caught the victim by his clothe and started beating him and dragged the victim to their parked vehicle. The police personnel took the victim to the Islampur police station and detained him in the lock up of the said police station. The witnesses of the incident were; Mr. Linton Seikh, Mainul Seikh, Abdul Kadir and Babu Seikh, who were present in the said police station at that time to see Mr. Pintu Seikh. The police personnel threatened the victim that he would be implicated into false cases. Mr. Sandip Sen threatened the victim and other witnesses; Mr. Linton Seikh, Mainul Seikh, Abdul Kadir and Babu Seikh that all would be implicated into false charges. Mr. Mijanur Rahman later released from the Islampur police station on 17.2.2013.


On 18.02.2013, the perpetrator police personal Mr. Sandip Sen, allegedly compelled Mr. Pintu Seikh to withdraw his complaint by obtaining false and fabricated documents from him. Mr. Sandip Sen even threatened Mr. Pintu Seikh and his family by saying that they would be finished if they further try to lodge a complaint against him.


On 19.02.2013, Mr. Mainul Seikh, the brother of the victim, on behalf of the victim lodged a written complaint before the Superintendent of Police, Murshidabad informing the incident of physical torture and threats upon the victim by the perpetrator police of Islampur police station. 

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