Translation of Soni  Sori’s letter from Raipur Prison on July 28. 2012

Letter in name of Supreme Court, Judge  from Raipur Jail

Your Honour ,

Today I am alive , because of your verdict. You gave the order at the right time so that  I could be  medically treated again.  I was very happy during my treatment at AIIMS hospital in New Delhi, but  Your Honour ,  I have to pay for it now. I am being  harassed and tortured here, I request you to have mercy on me . Your Honor I am  suffering mentally .

1. I am made to sit on the Ground  “Naked”

2. I am suffering from Hunger

3. I am frisked in an uncomfortable manner, each part of my body is touched .

4. Labeling me traitor and naxalite they torture me

My clothes, soap, surf have been confiscated and   I have been accused for many things.

Your Honour  How long will Chhattisgarh government, police administration  keep on stripping me naked ? I am an Indian tribal woman!  I also feel shame , and I am unable to save my modesty  here .  The use abusive words and accuse me  regarding my modesty.  After all what crime I have committed that I am being mentally tortured like this ?

It would have been better if you  had given me DEATH PENALTY ,how long  should I bear this physical and mental torture . Jail authorities want that I should  not speak the truth and send you any information  about  atrocities committed on me and  that  I should die bearing their torture in the prsion itself , this is what within the law of  Chhattisgarh . My voice  seeking justice should remain limited to Chhattisgarh so that  the naxalite problem could further aggravate. Your Honour If I have raised my voice for my rights, what wrong have I done ? I am being mentally tortured in various manners today. Is   it a crime to fighting against the  torture being  inflicted on one self ? I don’t have right to live ? Don’t  I have a right to give love to the children I have given birth to ? Today  I am in a  very serious condition. This type of oppression becomes the source for the naxalite problem .

Your Honour, please have mercy on me , and solve my problems , this is my earnest request to you. Else the  officials of Raipur prison will definitely give me death. Earlier, I have been given a wrong medicine and my skin has burnt, and  I have been enduring that pain also.

Your Honour , Please Have mercy on me .

In end, my obeisance.


Soni Sori