Despite her family’s opposition, Mamta and Amit got married in Kerala on August 30, 2015.

Written by Mohammad Hamza Khan | IE


Neighbours outside Amit Nair’s residence in Jaipur(Express Photo)Ever since their daughter Mamta Chaudhary married a Nair from Kerala in August 2015, Jeewanram Chaudhary and Bhagwani Devi had been threatening her. It was the couple who allegedly orchestrated their son-in-law Amit Nair’s murder at his home in Jaipur on Wednesday. Mamta’s parents entered their daughter’s residence along with an unknown accomplice who shot Amit. A second accomplice waited in their getaway car.

“Before my marriage my father was progressive. He ensured I received good education. I could never have imagined my parents could change so much,” Mamta told The Indian Express at their home in Jaipur’s Jagdamba Vihar.

Her father Jeewanram is a retired Army man and is employed as a driver with an insurance firm. Amit was a friend of her brother Mukesh. Mamta had known him since 2008. It was only in 2015 that her family came to know about their relationship and opposed it.

“My father told Amit he would give him anything to leave me. Amit replied that he would leave if I said so,” Mamta recalled.

Despite her family’s opposition, Mamta and Amit got married in Kerala on August 30, 2015. “Not once did his family refuse to accept me,” she said.

Her parent’s opposition got stronger, and Mamta never visited her home after her wedding. “In November 2015 she complained that her parents had threatened her. Both sides met lawyers and she decided not to pursue it further,” said Karni Vihar police station SHO Mahaveer Singh.

Neighbours outside Amit Nair’s residence in Jaipur(Express Photo)“They took it from us in writing that we will not seek any share in property or anything,” said Mamta. “Mother used to say that I had spoiled their life, so my life should also be spoiled. Father kept an eye on my movements.”

About five months ago, Mamta became pregnant. “I thought this would change them. We went to Kerala on April 28 and returned on May 10, during which they kept calling me home. I thought they had had a change of heart,” Mamta said.

“Her parents were only trying to win her trust. We have observed in cases of dishonour killings,” said PUCL leader Kavita Srivastava, who visited the home on Thursday.

At 8 am Wednesday, Mamta’s parents arrived at their home with a man she had never seen before, while a fourth man sat in the car outside. “My parents again asked me to come home with them. Amit said he would agree if I did. Then the man shot Amit about four times,” said Mamta.

Neighbour Sona Devi came out after hearing what she thought were firecrackers. “The man tried to hide his gun. As I enquired, he aimed the gun at me. I asked my son Vikas to fetch a stick and my daughter to call police,” she said. However, before more neighbours could come out, the four fled.

Amit was taken to Shalby Hospital and then Global Heart Hospital. “They refused to admit him. Even in SMS Hospital they delayed taking him in,” Mamta said. The police complaint was lodged by Amit’s mother Rama Devi. Amit had studied civil engineering and started a construction business while Mamta is an LLB graduate and had interned with PUCL, said Srivastava. Murlidhar Nair, a family friend, said, “Amit had a good nature. He always helped everyone.”

An FIR was lodged under IPC Sections 452 (house trespass), 302 (murder) and 120B (criminal conspiracy) on Wednesday. Amit was cremated Thursday evening.

“It is a case of honour killing. We are yet to apprehend the accused. Three bullets were recovered from Amit’s body,” said DCP, Jaipur West, Ashok Kumar Gupta