Memorandum given to Police Commissioner, Sh. Janga Rao

By the Christian Community, Sadbhav Manch and Human Rights Wokers of Rajasthan

On 26, February, 2015

Sh. Janga Rao,

Police Commissioner, 


Subject: Urgent Action (Suspension and Arrest) against policemen who committed torture on 20 members of the Christian community at the Mansarovar Police station


We people from different communities, the Sadbhav Manch ( an inter faith dialogue platform) and fellow Human Rights workers are shocked that the Mansarovar Police station indulged blatantly in custodial violence of the 20 members from the Hebron Church of Hyderabad who had come to Jaipur to carry out publicity of their faith. It is clear to us that at the behest of the hindutva communal forces, who hurled abuses and barged into the house in Shanti Nagar, Gurjar ki Thadi, where they were staying, the police carried out this action. It is ironical that instead of bringing the law breakers to the police station, they pushed these 20 representatives of the Hebron Church in 2 jeeps and kicked them and pushed them on reaching the police station. On reaching there ASI Daya Ram and one ASI in police clothes and one other in plain clothes, were subjected to third degree torture. They were made to spread their palms and were hit with a patta, photographs give the evidence of serious injuries on the palms and wrists. At least 6 people were seriously injured including one whose wrist watch was damaged. ( see complaint attached)

It was of no surprise that ACP Sodala and SHO Mansarovar only arrived after we Human Rights workers reached and spoke to the SP about the illegal detention and custodial torture in the police station. The two officers agreed that this was violence that was meted out at the police station and also knew which policemen did it. With great difficulty the 20 preachers lodged their complaint, with Daya Ram constantly threatening them, despite our presence there. What shocked us was that when the complaint process was happening the Thana filled up with several RSS and other elements who used abusive language against us. 

At about 10.30 11 pm we decided that the 20 must go home and rest. But what shocked us was that after we reached our own homes we learnt that the police which had gone to drop the 20 had pressurised the owner of the Hostel where they were staying, Mr AP David to not let them spend the night there. The people were thrown out with food and water on the road and told to make their way to the railway station and not return to the city, they were told that cases of conversions would be filed if they would not leave the city. 

Terrorised and devastated the group left after midnight, despite our assurances, including informing you that the Mansarovar had indulged in this mischief of despatching them off. 

 We demand that action be taken 

  • Daya Ram ASI and the two policemen who illegally detained and beat the men. They be arrested and suspended from their service. The Complaint given by the affected by converted into an FIR and it be investigated by the police going to Hyderabad and meeting the people.
  • The ACP Sodala and  SHO Mansarovar be held accountable for threatening the people to leave the city violating their fundamental rights along with arm twisting Mr. David to make them vacate the premises in the night
  • Action against the miscreants who terrorised the group from Hyderabad and FIRs be lodged against them. 
  • The CLG of Mansarovar, which is full of communal elements be reconstituted and the complete Thana also be subjected to change. 
  • Ensure complete protection of the Constitutional Rights of Minorities and they be allowed to freely propgate, profess and practice their religion. 
  • Ensure complete protection of the properties including churches and mosques and other institutions of all minorities in the city of Jaipur
  • All police stations of the commissionerate be made extra aware of the above and me made accountable on the issue of protection of rights of minorities. CLGs be reconstituted with people from all faith being members

We hope that you will ensure the above. 

with regards, 

Kavita Srivastava, John Mathew, Salim Engineer, Dr Iqbal, Dr. Vijay pal Singh, Harold Singh, Acharya Vikas, Bijendra Singh, Kapil Singh, VArghese M, Walter Massey, AB Paul, AB Singh, Samuel Roberts, Olive Malaki, Abul Kalam John Tito Rathnam, Khalid Manzoor, Dr. M Ismail, TAmil Mani, Morris Kancham, Lisa MAthews, Lp Bharti, shahid Khan, Nazimuddin

c/0 John Mathew: Emmanuel Mission, KalvadRoad, Jhotowara, Jaipur: Phone: 9414048991, 

Contact: Prof Salim: 9829098734 and Kavita Srivastava: 9351562965