Anny Poursinoff intervened today in the Assembly to oppose the agreement between France and India on civilian nuclear energy and show support to the people of Jaitapur who refuse implantation by two Areva EPR on a seismic zone to 400 miles from Bombay. This text was to pass without discussion, but at the request of environmentalists, the opposition was able to get a debate. The text of the speech is below.

Mr. Speaker,
Mr. Rapporteur,

I thank my colleagues in the opposition who, at our request, have made ​​this debate possible.
Indeed, nothing comes to nuclear is trivial. The Court of Auditors has just recently conceded to environmentalists on the hidden costs of this industry.
We are now proposing to facilitate intellectual exchange on civil nuclear energy between France and India.
In fact, we fear that the agreement is linked to the establishment by Areva EPR nuclear power plant at Jaitapur in a reservoir of biodiversity and an earthquake zone, 400 kilometers from Bombay, the Indian economic metropolis.
A few days after the anniversary of Fukushima, According to the report of the Nuclear Safety Authority showing that plants have nothing infallible, our Indian friends themselves have doubts: they asked Areva to strengthen the security of computer systems.
Indeed, in a country ranked fourth terrorist targets, the risk of attack adds to the risk of accidents.
However EPR is particularly dangerous. It produced plutonium and MOX use, whose radioactivity is multiplied by 5 to 7 times compared to uranium fuel.
Through this agreement, we are asked to take your risk of a new Fukushima and a new Hiroshima.
No, I’m not exaggerating.
You know, India, like Pakistan have developed nuclear weapons. These two rivals have not signed the Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty.
You also know, France is selling weapons to both countries – let us remember the case of Karachi or the recent sale of more than one hundred combat aircraft to India.
Yet the agreement on intellectual property could open the door to the transfer of technology could be used for military purposes, whether reprocessing plants and enrichment uranium or plutonium production.
The Nuclear Suppliers Group, last June, has yet banned the export of sensitive equipment to countries that have not signed the nonproliferation treaty.
We therefore request to take the risk of putting us in breach of international laws.
The French government is desperate to sell plants!
I say here solemnly: I hope that negotiations with India on nuclear power will fail.
Democracy required: the local population is opposed to the positioning of plants Areva.A protester has already paid with his life!
The reason the scientific and economic imposes too.
Five years late for the EPR in Finland! Four years late in Flamanville! An addition that never ceases to grow!
Why offer our Indian friends in such a poisoned chalice?
Our cooperation should deploy around peaceful activities such as the fight against global warming, and not focus on energy death, arms sales and the sale of nuclear!
“We must safeguard the jobs of Areva! “Will protest my fellow pro-nuclear.
But technology transfer, which India does not recognize patents, does nothing to protect employees of French nuclear. The Indians have excellent scientists and excellent engineers!
As for the excuse of economic development, it does not. Local people do not have the jobs generated by the nuclear studies in Tamil Nadu have shown.
Residents of Jaitapur do not allow themselves to take: they refuse to be expropriated, they do not want these plants.
We either!
I’ll try to say in Hindi: dji Jaitapur nahi!
Jaitapur no thank you!
The French government demonstrated a bad faith criminal. On the one hand it ensures that there is no risk with nuclear power, on the other he pressures his Indian counterparts to change their legislation.
India provides that the manufacturer of a central is responsible for disaster.
After Bhopal, we understand the caution of the Indian government vis-à-vis Western industrial partners unscrupulous.
Gold the President of the French Republic himself has asked Prime Minister of India to relax the law . Why? Because Areva does not want to be liable for a nuclear accident at Jaitapur?
Neither do we, we do not bear this responsibility.
But the best way to avoid another Fukushima is to forego building these plants, which are located, I repeat, on a seismic zone … as Fessenheim!
French Environmentalists expressed their solidarity with the opposition of Indian civil society.
I call you, dear colleagues, to do the same, and vote against it.
In France as in India, future generations must be protected from disasters and nuclear waste.

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