Jamaat-e-Islami Hind has told Justice Verma Committee to abolish co-education, set up proper education facilities exclusively for women and identify sex outside marriage as a crime.

In a statement, JIH said physically intimacy should only be permitted to those who are married.

“All sex outside marriage including live-in relationship should be declared illegal and punishable,” the statement issued by Nusrat Ali, secretary general of JIH, said.

The Jamaat expressed hope the Verma committee will reach the root of the “disease” and find out the cure for rape and gave 11 suggestions to the three-member panel, which has been asked by the government to submit its report in a month.

It also said that there should be provisions for capital punishment for heinous crimes such as rape.

These punishments should be given in public and there should be opportunity for people to witness the same so that it might act as deterrent to such heinous crimes.

The organisation was of the view that proper transport facilities for woman should be made available particularly in towns and cities, and police reforms should be implemented at the earliest.