Last year in November, when Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s estranged wife Jashodaben Modi wanted to go and meet her relatives abroad, she was denied a passport because her application was apparently ‘incomplete.’

The regional passport office in Gujarat did not accept her application saying it was “incomplete” because there was no marriage certificate or a joint affidavit with the spouse.

According to the passport office, a marriage certificate or a joint affidavit is a required document to get the passport.

Jashodaben now wants to know how did the Prime Minister get a passport without showing the marriage certificate.

The 64-year-old filed an RTI application on Wednesday seeking details and a copy of the PM’s passports. She filed her application at the Regional Passport Office (RPO), Ahmedabad.

A relative of Jashodaben who accompanied her to the RPO on Wednesday told TOIthat the PM’s wife had asked for details and a copy each of the maiden passport, renewed passports and the passport issued to Modi after he became Gujarat chief minister.

“Her RTI application has also sought all related applications and documents that were submitted,” Jashodaben’s relative said.

Regional passport officer Z A Khan said they were scrutinizing her application. “We will give a reply within the stipulated time frame of 30 days,” Khan said.

This is not Jashodaben’s first RTI. Just after Modi became PM, Jashodaben had filed an RTI application seeking details of the security she was entitled to as wife of the prime minister. In November last year, Mehsana superintendent of police had declined to give the information saying the matter pertained to security and could not be disclosed under RTI.