On  (29th Feb 2016), from 12.30 pm, a group of students organised a signature campaign in front of C and D messes to preserve democratic spaces inside academic campuses with respect to the sequence of incidents culminating with the JNU incident. (The letter that was used, is attached).

Around 1.40 pm, a group of people barged in shouting, hurling abuses and vandalized the signature collection desk and tore up posters as well as signature sheets. Security officials had to be informed to arrive and take control of the situation. This is an unprecedented incident at IISc and is a clear indication of shrinking of democratic spaces inside the campuses.

We strongly condemn this hooliganism and undemocratic attitude.

Please find images in which it is clearly seen that a person was picking up the poster and tearing it apart. Faces of the persons involved have been hidden because it is not a personal issue but a larger issue of preserving democratic spaces.

  • Team CONCERN