jnunoticeBy – Anirban Bhattacharya at JNU


“Tum kitne show-cause bhejogey?!”

There was an unfamiliar knock on the door. I was anticipating that they may come any time demanding that I vacate my hostel room as per the farcical order of rustication. But as I opened the room, I was honoured with, guess what, yet another show-cause notice from the proctor’s office!

Remember the screening of the documentary ‘Muzaffarnagar Baaqi Hai’ last August? (4th August, 2015 to be precise). It was a protest screening organized by DSF as the screening of this documentary was being vandalized across the country by the sanghi goons of ABVP.

In fact the episode that finally led to the tragic institutional murder of Rohit Vemula, also began with the protest screening of “Muzaffarnagar Baaqi Hai” around the same time in HCU. It was the issue of this screening that invited the wrath of the RSS-MHRD-ABVP-Administration combine that earned Rohith and his friends the epithet of “anti-national”, “casteist” and “communal”.

The JNU administration too proving its allegiance to the sangh, as usual, tried to stop the screening arbitrarily. And as happens on every such occassion, all progressive democratic left-ambedkarite-democratic students organisations and individuals flocked in hundreds at Godavari and held the protest screening peacefully against the undemocratic diktats of the administration aimed at curtailing our democratic space. I was one amongst the hundreds others registering our dissent that night. After all these months, here comes the show-cause! It says “Second Notice”. However, I hadn’t received any first.

The Witch-Hunt is relentless. But let the puppets & their puppeteer know that SO IS OUR RESISTANCE. We are not going to be buried under the pile of your show cause notices. We’ll burn each and every one of them in defence of our democratic space and our inalienable right to Dissent!

Stand in solidarity with the ongoing hunger strike against the fascist witch hunt in the name of HLEC!
Right to Dissent Long Live!