Shehla Rashid

JNU Students’ Union condemns the right-wing attack on peaceful pro-JNU protestors in Allahabad. The JNU student community is thankful to these progressive voices who have stood up to defend us, in extremely difficult circumstances. The right-wing hooliganism is no new phenomenon, but now it has the sanction of an elected government.

Prof. Rajesh Mishra was attacked by ABVP goons in Lucknow for sharing an article in favor of Umar Khalid.
In Lucknow, an SIO activist was beaten up by RSS goons for standing up for JNU. The Prime Minister can’t keep his eyes shut for too long. He will have to seek votes in UP soon. We hope that the people of UP will reject these fascist goons and stand with the progressive voices.

Prof. Vivek Kumar was attacked in Gwalior, days after he addressed the protesting students in JNU.

Similar attacks were unleashed on pro-JNU protestors all over the country, including Bengal and Bihar. We urge people not to be afraid of RSS hooligans, but to understand that this kind of violence signals their utter frstration and bankruptcy.

JNUSU salutes and is deeply grateful to the brave progressive sections of the country for standing with us, in the face of RSS hooliganism.