We the undersigned are extremely  distressed and outraged by the Patna High Court judgement on the 9th of October acquitting the murderers of the infamous and shocking Laxmanpur Bathe Dalit masacre in the Arwal district of Bihar. In the year 1997, Ranveer Sena, a dreaded upper caste feudal private army of mostly Bhumihar and Rajput landlords descended on the dalit tola of Laxmanpur bathe in the broad daylight and masacred 58 dalits, which includes 27 women and 10 children. The cruelity and bestiality of the upper caste vigitante attack of the Ranajir Sena was such that it didn’t spare even 3 year old children. Atrocities on the dalits, sexual violence and exploitation of dalit women, including genocides and day to day humiliation that the dalits have been goingon since centuries. From the time when this shameful graded inequality, brahmanical social order came into existence, which is India specific caste-feudalism; after the transfer of power by the colonial masters to their desi compradors in India, the ruling classes of India had betrayed its so called social contract with the Indian people which it had promised after taking over the reins of state power from their imperial masters. From the Nehruvian era, Kilvemani, Tsunduru, Permakudi, Khairlanji and Karamachedu to Bathanitola is the bleeding post colonial history of caste violence and genocides on dalits in this country. which aspires to become a superpower, boasts of being the largest democracy, liberal rights discourse, being its legitimising ideology which Indian state has inscribed in its constitution. All those various rights enshrined in the Indian constitution is turned into a sick joke every moment. Indian liberalism is the most despicable fraudulence which the Indian ruling elites have done to their toiling subaltern masses. Throusands of fake encounters, custodial deaths and tortures, genocides and mass gang rapes of oppressed nationalities, minorities, dalits, adivasis, ethnic minorities and other marginal groups of the Indian caste Hindu society. Indian state has made made mockery of the very term of liberalism. The day to day caste violence and acquital of armed, feudal, vigilante private armies clearly proves that Indian state is a upper caste Hindu fascist state. From police to judiciary, Indian state stinks of extreme caste prejudices towards  oppressed nationalities,religeous minorities, dalits, sexual,linguistic, ethnic and other marginal groups.

The district and sessions court of Patna in its judgement against Laxmanpurbathe masacre had convicted 26 armed goons of Ranveer Sena. The district sessions court had pronomunecd death sentence for 16 Ranavir sena members and life sentence for 10 other members in 2010. The court had acquited 19 accused for lack of evience. The then district and sessions judge in Patna in his judgement had remarked about the masacre that ‘the Laxmanpur Bathe Dalit masacre was a stigma on civil society.’ we are horified by the casteist nature of the Indian judiciary which is yet to have a proper representation of dalit judges.  The casteist mindset of the judiciary has been evident right from the transfer of power to the desi elites in 1947.

In the infamous Kilvemani massacre judgement in Tamilnadu, the trial judge had noted about the murderer landlord that “the person of his social status will not indulge in such acts”. In the Bhanwri Devi gang-rape judgement in Rajasthan, the judges had noted “how can upper-caste men rape lower caste women”. This clearly indicates the anti dalit, upper caste, brahminical mindset of the Indian judiciary.

In the Laxmanpur bathe acquittal judgement, the Patna High Court had noted that ‘we are of the view that the prosecution witnesses are not reliable and so all the convicted persons are entitled for benefit of doubt.’ So all accused were set free. This clearly indicates the insidious casteist nexus of upper caste landlords, police and bureaucracy and judiciary. This same casteist Patna high court last year had acquitted the Ranajir Sena butchers of Bathanitola in which 21 Dalits were killed. Apart from that, the casteist judiciary of Bihar have acquitted the upper caste private armies in Miyapur, narayanpur, Khagdibigha and nagribazar dalit masacres. Successive judgements in cases relating to massacres/killings of dalits/minorities/poorer sections of the people, acquitting the accused and conspirators and at the same time awarding stricter punishments to even unrelated people of dalits/minorities/poorer sections in cases involving powerful is a matter of grave concern.

One has to see the cycle of violence and counter violence in Central Bihar, the context of the class struggle which is being raged by the revolutionary peasant resistance movements against the upper caste feudal lords in central bihar. Decadent feudalism in its death bed becomes most obscene and perverse; so it perpetrates the most sadistic and brutal violence and massacre on the toiling  dalit men and women. The post-colonial India has seen more than 100 dalit massacres in Bihar itself. To counter the demand for land and dignity by the underdog who were organised by the communist revolutionaries. The violence that engulfed the flaming fields of central Bihar is the result of the sharpening contradictions between the archaic, medieval and extremely exploitative agrarian relations. Which results in carnages and sexual violence on dalit women. The most horrifying examples of these gruesome massacres and medieval barbarism are: Belchi, Pipra, Parasbigha, Tiskhora, Laxmanpur bathe, Bathanitola, Miyanpur, Nagri Bazar, and so on. The list is endless.

The above violence must be seen in the context of the struggle of dalits for land, dignity and against sexual violence on dalit women. This is a direct result of the complete failure of Indian state of implement radical land reforms and ensure the dignity of the dalits. The conflict in Laxmanpur bathe was about the dalits’ rightful ownership of the government land, i.e.,  50 bighas of gair mazaura land for which the dalits were entitled and the upper caste landlords wanted to forcibly usurp.

The upper caste landlords raised dreaded private armies like Ranveer Sena, lorik sena, bhumi sena, bramarshi sena, sunlight sena, diamond liberation front, savarn liberation front, brhamarshi sena etc. These decadent feudal vigilante armies have masacred more than 1 thousand dalit men, women and children. Thanks to the heroic revoultionary peasant resistance momement central bihar all these private armies were forced to surrender. Therefore, history has proved that only the underdog when it gets organised and hits back can only break its chains. recently there was a gang-rape and murder of a dalit girl student in jind, Haryana where the police in connaivance with the upper caste rapists proved it to be a suicide and the re was no rape. Around a month after that another dalit girl student in sirsa, haryana was gangraped by upper caste lumpen youths, her unconscious body was found in the next morning. the police refused to file the rape FIR under the pressure of the upper caste. we are firmly convinced that the dalits are not going to get any justice from the upper caste hindu indian state apparatus. therefore we appeal to our dalit brothers and sisters to get organised and hit back at the perpetrators.  we appeal to the radical left forces, the radical Ambedkarites, the democratic right movement, and the womens movement to form a principled joint front against atrocities and masacres on dalits and sexual violence on dalit women.

We condemn the blatant anti dalit upper caste brahminical judgement of the Patna High Court. We urge the radical left forces, the womens’ movement, the dalit movement  and the democratic right movement to join hands to fight a decisive street battle against the decadent feudal upper caste brahminical patriarchal and communal fascist forces in India.

  1.  Saheli – Delhi
  2. Students for Resistance, Delhi University and JNU
  3. Arjun Prasad Singh                 PDFI
  4.  Gopal Guru                             Prof. JNU and Eminent Dalit Thinker, CPS/SSS/JNU
  5. Tulsiram                                  Professor JNU and Eminent Dalit Writer
  6. Vivek Kumar                                      Professor JNU and Eminent Dalit Writer
  7. Prof. Uma Chakrabarty – Women against State Repression and Sexual Violence (WSS)
  8. Anand Teltumbde – CPDR, Membai
  9. Subhash   gatade     convenor   new socialist initiative
  10. Sharad Gaikward   President  Replubican Panthers   Marashtra
  11. Amidyuti kumar  APDR   KOLKATA
  12. B.Sreenivas rao   president pop   andhra pradesh
  13. prof  Chaman lal ex professor jnu
  14.  Vir bharat talwar professor jnu
  15. Anita bharti dalit feminist activist and editor streekal a dalit feminist journal
  16. Gail omvet   dalit movement theorist and activist
  17. Bharat patankar dalit movement theorist and activist
  18.  katyani   eminent marxist feminist poetess
  19.  Gabriel   Detrich    feminist thinker  and member penura mayi iyakkam an autonomous progressive womens group   madurai
  20.  Maya john   centre for struggling women delhi
  21. Hargopal eminent political theorist hyderabad
  22. prof Manoranjan mohanty   politcal thinker and democratic rights activist delhi
  23.  prof  G.N Saibaba   professor english delhi university
  24. Nivedita Menon   feminist thinker and professor jnu
  25.  Aditya nigam   CSDS DELHI
  26. Pothik Ghosh    radical notes   delhi
  27. Alok     krantikari yuva sanghathan   KYS   delhi
  28. Soma marik      Radical socialist kolkata
  29. Kunal chatopadhyay   Radical socialist kolkata
  30. Amar singh    gen secratary delhi university colleges staff union and president sc welfare association du
  31. VS Roy david  natinal adivasi alliance
  32. Subhrodeep chakraborty film maker delhi
  33. meera chakraborty   film maker delhi
  34. Shamsul islam      NISHANT NATYA MANCH DELHI
  35. Neelima Sharma   nishant natya manch delhi
  37. Brahmprakash   JANRANG JNU
  41. Ish Narayan Mishra     JANHASTHKSHEP   DELHI
  42. Vira Sathidar – Editor, Virodhi, Maharashtra
  43. Kiran Shaheen – Women for Water Democracy, Delhi
  44. Swati Birla – Sanhati, Mumbai
  45. Bhasha Singh – Journalist, Delhi
  46. Satyam verma journalist delhi
  47. Nayan Jyoti – Kranti Kari Navjawan Sabha (KNS)
  48.  Piyushraj    AISA JNU
  49. Siddhi    NOWROZ and student jnu
  50. Snehil manohar singh   student jnu
  51.  Ram Puniyani    all india secular forum
  52. Shidharth Mitra     SANHATI
  53. Akbar Choudhury – President, JNU Students Union (JNUSU)
  54. Chinmaya – United Dalit Students Federation (UDSFJNU)
  55. Anand Krishan Raj – The Newmaterialists JNU
  56. Abhay Kumar, Concerned Students JNU
  57. Kavery Rajaraman –   Sanhati, Bangalore
  58. Kamayanibali Mahabal –        Lawyer Feminist Activist, Mumbai
  59. Vivek Sundara –         Human Rights Activist, Mumbai
  60. P.K.Sundaram –          Research Scholar, JNU
  61. Asit Das –                               PDFI, Delhi
  62. Santosh Kumar                       Mazdoor Patrika, Delhi
  63. Subhasini                                 KNS DELHI
  64. Meghna Arora                         KNS DELHI
  65. Omprasad                                research sholar jnu
  66. Badre alam                              research scholar delhi university
  67. Meena Menon                         activist mumbai
  68. Ayushi                                      student tiss mumbai
  69. Usman –                                  Research Scholar, JNU
  70. Nitin Kumar –             Student , Indian Institute of Mass Communications, Delhi
  71. Hadi Sarmadi  – BAHROOP, Progressive Theatre Group, JNU
  72. Ramashankar Yadav Vidrohi – Radical Left Balladeer and Poet, JNU
  73. Mayur Chettia –                      Research Scholar, JNU
  74. Archana –                                Research Scholar, JNU
  75. Dinesh Kumar –                      NSYOF, JNU
  76. Anuradha Pandey –                Research Scholar, JNU
  77. Ashish Kumar –                      Research Scholar, JNU
  78. Imran –                                    Radical Left Activist, Delhi
  79. Vikram –                                 Student, Centre for Russian Studies, JNU
  80.  D. B. Singh-                                        RLA(Eve), D.U., New Delhi
  81. y. Chinnar Rao,                                   CSDE/SSS/JNU
  82. Kaustav                                               CSDE/SSS/JNU                  
  83. Mohita                                                 CSDE/SSS/JNU                  
  84. Manindra Nath Thakur                       CPS/SSS/JNU
  85. Mujib Rahman
  86. Meha Thakore                                     CSSS/SSS
  87. Sucheta De                                          (AISA)                        
  88. Afiya Khalid                               
  89. Abhisuchi Jha                           
  90. Rakhi Sehgal                                       ,
  91. Vismay Basu                           Researcher Scholar, JNU
  92. Brijesh                                     Researcher Scholar, JNU
  93. Vasudha                                  Researcher Scholar, JNU
  94. Suchismita                               Researcher Scholar, JNU
  95. Shruti                                      Researcher Scholar, JNU
  96. Amitanshu                               Researcher Scholar, JNU
  97. Tathagata Biswas                    Researcher Scholar, JNU
  98. Munni Bharati                         Researcher Scholar, JNU                           
  99. AK Ramakrishnan                  Professor SIS, JNU
  100. Anand Kumar                                     Professor JNU
  101. Sandeep Saurav                      (Gen. Sec, JNUSU)
  102.  Agnitra Ghosh                       Researcher Scholar, JNU                           
  103. Fauzan Abrar                          Researcher Scholar, JNU
  104. Sudhanshu Lal                                    Researcher Scholar, JNU
  105. Lata Kumari                            Researcher Scholar, JNU
  106. Saptarshi Chaudhuri               Researcher Scholar, JNU
  107. Debaditya Bhattacharya         Researcher Scholar, JNU
  108. Akanksha Ahluwalia               Researcher Scholar, JNU
  109. Sagar Sachdeva                       Researcher Scholar, JNU
  110. Ahrey Adhikari                       Researcher Scholar, JNU
  111. Sarojini Chatterjee                  Researcher Scholar, JNU
  112. Abhimanyu Pratap                  Researcher Scholar, JNU
  113. Simpreet                                  Ghar Bachao Ghar Banao Andolan, Mumbai
  114. B. Srinivasa Rao,                    President, POP. Andhra Pradesh
  115. K. K. Niyogi                           All India Platform for Laboir Rights
  116. Anil Mishra                             I.P. Foundation, For Asian Democracy
  117. Jaya Velankar                         National Alliance for Maternal Health & Rights
  118. Gopal                                     Himalaya Niti Samvad, Uttarakhand
  119. Shubhradeep Chakravarty                  Film Maker, Delhi
  120. Meera Chaudhary                               Film Maker, Delhi
  121. Meena Menon                                     Activist
  122. Sirupa Bhattacharya    Revolutionary Cultural Front (RCF)
  123. Siddhi (JNU)
  124. Snehil Manohar  Singh (JNU)
  125. Badre Alam     (DU)
  126. Om Prsad        (JNU)
  127. SanhitaVal      (The Indian Era)
  128. Ashish             (IIMC), Research Associate
  129. Amar Singh     (Gen. Sec) D.U.
  130. Dr. Satenatk Choudhary, (Alliance for Social Justice),                                                                                    
  131. Anshita            (KNS, Delhi)
  132. Sumati             (Viplav Sanskritiik Manch)
  133. Nagendra        Inclavi Mazdoor Kendra
  134. Piyush Rai       (AISA), JNU
  135. Guddi S.L. (YMYB), Mumbai, Mob: +91-9869059860
  136. Alok    Krantikari Yuva Sangathan
  137. Maya John (Centre for Struggling Women)
  138. G. Hari Gopal TISS
  139. Bharti  Viplav Sanskritik Manch
  140. Manjoo Mohan            Samajwadi Janta Party
  141. Manish                                    Phoneme Books, Delhi
  142. Ayushi TISS
  143. Tarun Kanti Bose                    Independent Writing & Editing Professional
  144. Renny Thomas                        CSSS/SSS/JNU                  
  145. Deepak Dengle                       Kabir Kala Manch, Pune
  146. Papori Bora                             Asst. Professor, Women’s Studies Centre, JNU
  147. Abhishek Guru                        Journalist, Delhi
  148. Shree Prakash                          Journalist, Delhi
  149. Bhupen Singh                         Journalist, Delhi
  150. Prakash Kumar Roy                Editor Bargad, Delhi
  151. Bernard Phellow                     CPDR, Mumbai
  152. Devangana Kalita                   KNS, JNU
  153. Pratik                                       Student
  154. K. T. Hafis                              EFLU, Hyderabad
  155. Damodar Editor                      For a people democracy
  156. Vijay Kumar Choudhary
  157.  P.K. Kaushal                           MCPI (U)
  158. Neshat Keisar                          Associate Professor, Dept of Sociology, Jamia Milia Islamia, Delhi
  159. Vinkat Marojn                         Boston, USA
  160. Geeta Jhamb                           Green Souls, Mumbai
  161. Dr. Ajita                                  WSS
  162. J.P. Raju                                  President, Buda Kuttu, Krishikara Sangha, Karnataka
  163. Poornima Chikar Mane           Pune
  164. Anil Chamadia –                     Journalist, Delhi
  165. Praful Bidwai                          Ecomarxist thinker, Delhi
  166. Dhruv Narain                          Janam Foundation, Patna
  167. Abhiruchui Ranjan                  Research Scholar and Member GSCACSH (Gender sensitization committee on sexual harassment), JNU
  168. Kavita Krishan
  169. Ajay Gudavarti                       Asst. Professor Center for Political Studies JNU
  170. Rajarshi Dasgupta                   Asst. Professor Center for Political Studies JNU


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