Prosecutors told Dubai Criminal Court that Egyptian AA, 35, molested two women and breached their modesty by using inappropriate language. He did not show up in court to enter a plea.

Records show the defendant told his two victims he was interested in an interview with them for the daily newspaper he works for in Egypt.

Jordanian MM, 30, said she met AA near the buffet during the lunch break then, after a short chat about his work and doing an interview, she said she left him and headed to a table but he followed her and gave her his business card.

The next day she said he called her regarding the interview. “I told him we can do it after the summit is concluded that day. When it did, I gathered some of the people I met there and we took a selfie, and AA arrived and insisted he take one with us,” said MM.

She said he insisted on taking another picture, during which he hugged her and touched her back. When she walked away from him, he allegedly followed her and molested her before he flirted, saying that she had a good body. “He told me if I wasn’t married, he would have married me,” said MM.

Despite turning down his advances, MM said he sat next to her on the table and touched her leg with his.

She left the table but returned to find that he was gone, and so was a female participant she had befriended during the summit.

“When I asked about them, I was told by a fellow participant that she went with AA for an interview. Less than 20 minutes later I saw as she came back she looked very upset,” said MM.

American AB, 30, said AA held her hand after she refused to go to his hotel room for the supposed interview. “I thought he was taking me to one of the restaurants in the top floors but when I knew, I told him I will count until three and if he didn’t let go of my hand I will scream and create a scene,” said AB, who called police.

A verdict is expected on March 30.