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28th June 2012, Mumbai Marathi Patrakar Sangh

2-6 pm

Dear  Friends

AAawas  adhiar Sanyukt Kriti Samiti (AAWAS) is a Mumbai level Federation of Trade Unions, Left political parties, NGOs, CBOs and individuals. It was formed in 2005-2006 to protest massive evictions taking place then.

Mumbai has been the experimental hub of all measures being taken up for making cities more investment friendly. Direct impact of this has been dispossession, either directly or in more sophisticated form of the toiling masses. AAWAS has been since its formation in 2005-2006 (historical year of massive evictions in Mumbai) been consistently raising the voices of toiling class. The policy paradigm also does not attempt to understand and acknowledge a heterogeneous nature of problem and provide adequate solution. But solution has been homogenous. AASKS is attempting to bringing out various problems of the toiling strata who largely live in slums.

In the Public hearing planned on 28th June 2012 at Mumbai Marathi Patrakar Sangh between 2-6 pm. The issues being taken up for hearing are – Urban Reforms that has changed the face of governance, planning and decision making in the city, the case of Dharavi Redevelopment, SRA, people living on Airport land, People living on rent, salt pan and forest land and many others.

We request your esteemed self to be a part of a panel and lend your voice and guidance for taking the struggle ahead.

Thanking you for your presence and time.


On behalf of AAWAS

Dr. Uday Mehta, Convener Aawas Adhikar Sanyukt Kriti Samiti