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Our love will defeat your hatred: Bangalore protest against BJP’s ‘Love Jihad’ Bogey

“Love is the essence of the Constitution. These people have not understood the constitution. Until you learn we will keep protesting. “ By :Gauri Lankesh News Desk |December 2, 2020  A protest against the ‘Love Jihad’ happened in Bangalore yesterday… Continue Reading →

Social movements, civil society and eminent citizens express solidarity with farmers movements

IN DEFENCE OF DEMOCRACY AND THE FARMERS’ MOVEMENT 2 December 2020 The widespread farmers agitations against the pro-business and anti-farmer legislations passed undemocratically by the Indian Parliament in September 2020, has been met with a predictable insensitive and muted response… Continue Reading →

Farmers’ Daughter” Bilkis Bano, Shaheen Bagh’s Dadi, Stopped From Joining Protest

The octogenarian emerged as the face of anti-CAA protests last year Bilkis Bano, fondly known as Bilkis Dadi of Shaheen Bagh, was stopped by the Delhi police on Tuesday at the Singhu border where she wanted to join thousands of… Continue Reading →

Maharashtra Farmers Organisations Call for Mass Struggle on December 3

*Decision of AIKSCC State Meeting* The AIKSCC Maharashtra state chapter has decided to intensify the ongoing countrywide struggle against the Farm Acts and Electricity Bill of the Central Government throughout Maharashtra on December 3.  The BJP Central Government and Haryana… Continue Reading →

Braving odds, 18 year old authors his first book in Kupwara district’s far off village

Monday, November 30, 2020 By Basharat Rashid*For last few years, the young writers in Kashmir valley have been showing exhilarating passion in publishing their books on different aspects in nook and corner here. Most of the writers have been writing… Continue Reading →

Farmer Protests Gain International Support, Trudeau Calls Situation “Concerning”

Canada and UK tweets  Farmers protesting in India against the new farm laws have garnered international support, with Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau becoming the first country head to speak out on the issue. While addressing an online event on… Continue Reading →

Why do interfaith couples opt to convert ?

Sonam Joshi | TNN | Updated: Nov 30, 2020, Mohammed was from Bihar, and Pavitra from Mangalore was his boss at a telecom company. The two fell in love during a training programme in Mumbai, and despite family opposition, wanted to… Continue Reading →

Protesting Farmers upset over media misrepresentation, accusations; confront “godi media”

30 November 2020 Prabhjit Singh Protesters carry placards in light of misrepresentation of the farmers’ protest by the media at the Kundli border on 28 November. Several farmers present at the spot were telling off TV reporters who they deemed… Continue Reading →

The Kerala Police Act – Amendment, And The Right To Dissent

byN V Krishna Kumar There are plentiful sections in the Indian Penal Code to address cyber crimes, making an overarching law regulates internet and dissent unnecessary, writes N V Krishna Kumar ——– Speaking at an event organized by the Supreme Court… Continue Reading →

Sheetal Amte, social worker and granddaughter of Baba Amte, Dies By Suicide

Pune/ Chandrapur, November 30, 2020: In a heartbreaking incident, Dr Sheetal Amte, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the leprosy services committee, died by suicide today in Chandrapur. Sources have revealed that she injected poison to end her life at her… Continue Reading →

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