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Being vegetarian a personal choice: Kamal Haasan on beef ban

Rajeev MasandCNN-IBN | Apr 19, 2015

Maharashtra Government recently imposed a ban on beef in the state, While a section feel the decision of what one should eat must be left the persons choice, the rest welcomes the ban.

What do you think Kamal Haasan who doesn’t mince his words have to say about the controversial beef ban? Here it is: “No animal should be killed, fish too. Lord Vishnu used to be Fish once. I know many Brahmins who eat fish. Scriptures and Great Scholars say, – . Correct me if I am wrong. I don’t eat beef anyone for health reasons. Being a vegetarian should be a choice”.

Will Kamal Haasan’s remarks stir a fresh controversy as Hindu Organisations across the country might find it objectionable. Don’t be surprised if few cases were filed against the versatile actor citing that his comments hurt the sentiments of Hindus.