People in Kandhamal today are still struggling to wake up from the memories of communal violence which took place on the Adavasi Christians and Dalit Christians. More than 100 people were murdered, over 300 churches  and worship places were destroyed, educational and health institutions were attacked, over 6000 houses were burnt and looted and women were raped.


Among the persons responsible for violence only one person is in jail and all the culprits are moving around scot free. At the same time, several innocent people are in jail or facing fabricated cases.

The forth coming August 25th is the completion of 6 years of communal violence here. In this context, we request you to listen to the voice of Kandhamal Cultural Activist Bolli Anarsingh.

Please find an appeal by a Cultural Activist Bolli Anarsingh, who happened to be a victim of anti-Christian communal violence in Kandhamal during 2008, to observe protest actions urging justice and peace for survivors of Kandhamal violence.

Kandhamal Human Rights Watch