by- Piyush Jain

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After getting banned from Twitter, Kangana Ranaut time travels to 2002, changes her name to Mamta

In a shocking turn of events, Twitter banned Kangana Ranaut after she tweeted about how she wants Optimus Prime to go back to his old ways of the 2000s.

Optimus Prime, who at the time was awake and working hard as usual, on the construction of his new house, took offence on Kangana not accepting the ‘new him’. “I don’t want this toxicity in my life anymore, there was enough in 2002 because of all the fumes you know” said Optimus Prime in his heart-warming address to the nation.

“All I want now it to look and feel cute” said Optimus Prime before leaving to shoot his new Insta Reel “13 ways to pamper your beard like it deserves to be pampered”.Dejected, Kangana decided to take revenge.

Reports are coming in that Kangana travelled back to 2002, saying “I liked him better without the beard”. “So all I had to do was to grow a beard? Fuck.” said Hritik Roshan without asking at his 16th debut launch party. To Optimus Prime’s and Bumblebee Adityanath’s surprise, it wasn’t over.

Allegedly, Kangana’s furious rage had a longer game plan. As per our trusted WhatsApp sources, Kangana, after moving to 2002, changed her name to Mamta, and started her long journey of getting her revenge on Optimus Prime.

Was she successful?

Ab sab ham hi bata denge kya Mitron? 

Optimus Prime could not handle the trauma, and is now seen screaming “Didi, O Didi” on the streets.