Women being treated at the taluk hospital in Hosapete on Wednesday

BALLARI & BENGALURU, 12 Jan : Fifteen women, who were admitted to the primary health centre at Kamalapur in Hosapete, Ballari district, for tubectomy on Wednesday, were hospitalised after being injected wrong medicine before the surgery.

The women were administered Adrenaline, which is used to treat life-threatening emergencies, instead of Atropine sulfate injection, which is generally given before any laparoscopic procedure. A few minutes after they were injected Adrenaline, the women felt giddy, began to vomit and felt their hearts race, forcing the health centre to cancel the tubectomy and rush the women to the taluk hospital. Of the 15, two were taken to Ballari for further treatment.

Sources said that the women from around the villages were admitted to the centre on Tuesday. Tubectomy was to be conducted on Wednesday as part of a monthly drive.

Adrenaline is used to treat life-threatening emergencies. It is used to prevent death because of anaphylactic shock (severe allergic reaction) or cardiac arrest (when the heart stops beating).

When Express contacted the district health officer Dr Ramesh Babu, district family welfare officer Dr R Vijayalakshmi and the district surgeon, they refused to admit to medical negligence.  Later Shalini Rajneesh, principal secretary to the health department, confirmed it.

Shalini Rajneesh, principal secretary to the health department, confirmed that 15 women in Hosapete, Ballari district, were hospitalised after being injected wrong medicine before surgery.

She said, “Two lookalike medicines caused the confusion. Lifesaving drug Adrenaline was given by mistake which raised the heart rate. I have instructed the authorities to keep this drug away from general medicines in future. Besides all staff nurses will be given orientation about this to prevent such a mistake henceforth.

Rajneesh said she had also spoken to the district commissioner and district health officer of Ballari. “The women are under care and there is nothing to panic. The erring staff will be suitably punished.”

Doctors from Ballari were called in after the incident. It is said that most of the women were lactating mothers. Sources in the health department said that the women are out of danger, and an inquiry into the negligence will be conducted.