Srinagar: After shooting unarmed people and mourners during street protests, the government forces did not spare the wounded and the sick in hospitals. Worse, the doctors and attendants of the patients were targeted inside the hospitals.
Resident Doctors Association (RDA) of the SMHS and Associated Hospitals said the government forces fired teargas inside SMHS emergency and harassed the staff.
Dr Aadil Ashraf, president RDA, said four patients suffering from chronic lung disease were being managed in the emergency unit when tear gas shelling wreaked havoc.
“The shelling caused severe suffocation of those poor patients. This is in gross violation of international laws,” Dr Ashraf said.
The RDA said that most of the hospitals in Srinagar especially the SMHS and the Bone and Joint Surgery Hospital are witnessing an unprecedented rush of the injured.
“The emergency operation theatre, ophthalmology theatre and ENT theatre are working continuously since Saturday morning to their full capacity,” the RDA said.
“The resident staff has been working tirelessly without any break in the emergency section despite shortage of staff. We received calls from many doctors that even ambulances were not allowed by the government forces at certain places,” he added.
The association thanked the local volunteers and NGOs who arranged food and other essential stuff for hospital staff and attendants.
“We request them to continue same as many injured are without family members and some don’t have money with them,” the RDA said in a statement.