1. The Hon’ble Prime Minister,

Union of India,

South Block, Raisina Hill,

New Delhi


  1. Hon’ble Union Minister for Home Affairs,

Union of India,

Central Secretariat,

North Block, New Delhi



Subject:       Extension of PM’s Return and Rehabilitation Package for the Kashmiri Pandits families who stayed back in Kashmir Valley despite all odds.



Hon’ble / Esteemed Sir,



With reference to the subject cited above it is most humbly submitted as under:


That a detailed communication vide dated 26.12.2015 was forwarded to your goodelf to extend PM’s Relief / Return and Rehabilitation Package for the Kashmiri Pandit families who stayed back in Kashmir Valley despite all odds, but till date nothing stands done in this regard and we the left out Nationalist Kashmiri Pandit Community living in Kashmir Valley are living a “Neglected Life”. (Copies of the same is enclosed herewith for ready reference)


It was firmly reiterated in both the communications that the condition of the Kashmiri Pandit families living in Kashmir Valley is pitiable and really in bad condition, and every passing day it is going towards worst.


Being, a Kashmiri Pandit living in Kashmir is an offence, as for Majority Community we are “Indian Agents” and for the Kashmiri Pandit Community who chose to leave Valley in 1990 treat us as “Traitors” as our staying back in Valley is negative propaganda to creation of “Panun Kashmir”.  We the left out populace are struck between the two forces for no fault of ours, hence, are neglected while making rehabilitation / upgradation policies made by every successive governments and bureaucratic setups. Though we have lot of aspirations from the current local government lead by People’s Democratic Party, as they have previously also tried their best to provide some relief to the left out Kashmiri Pandit Community living in Kashmir Valley, but the bureaucratic set-up in Centre and State is still behaving step motherly with us and are not giving any heed to our plights.


It is really “unfortunate” that the Central Government is also choosing to behave blind towards the plight of the left out Kashmiri Pandit Community living in the Valley despite all the big / small contributions made by this left-out Nationalist Community towards the integrity of the Country and its sovereignty. Though, we don’t have any mandate under “Vote Politics” but being born “Nationalist” we hope that we deserve better life than what we are forced to live in.


That turning blind to the plight of Kashmiri Pandits living in Valley have brought miseries to the left out Community, as the Government, Central as well as State, are worried about the Kashmiri Pandit Migrants who left Valley or those Kashmiri Muslims who are in direct confrontation with the Administration, but in this tug of war situation the left-out Kashmiri Pandit population are totally left on their own for survival.


That the current turmoil in Kashmir Valley have taken toll of the left out community economically in addition to the suffering faced by the Community as most of the Kashmiri Pandits families living in Kashmir are on Private jobs. As almost all the private concerns that were active in Kashmir has either closed their offices in Kashmir Valley due to prevailing conditions or they have stopped the salaries of their staff because of non-working in Kashmir Valley during last three months. Now, the condition is that many families are thinking to leave Valley permanently to earn bread and butter, and this will in no way help the rehabilitation policies executed by the Central as well as Governments. It is point of concern and needs to be addressed right now else, it will be too late.


That the current turmoil in Kashmir Valley was actually a litmus test of the policies executed by the Central and State Government regarding return and rehabilitation of Migrant Kashmiri Pandit which turned out to be a failure, as the same were initiated without any effective homework or ground work. Central and State Government should start the policy of rehabilitation of Kashmiri Pandits with the left out population, as this will help in two major ways; one, the living condition of the left out Kashmiri Pandit population will surely get some boost, which is need of the hour also and secondly, they can be an effective and permanent “Brand Ambassadors” of the rehabilitation policy for the rest of the world in general and Kashmiri Pandit population who live on the other side of Pir Panjal Range in particular. As who-so-ever, who chose to stay back in Kashmir Valley, if effective logistic support is provided, will never think of leaving Valley even during the worst mayhem.


That unless and until Central Government will not extend the complete financial assistance, as per the recommendations made in the report bearing nos. 137 and 179 submitted by Parliamentary Standing Committee on Home Affairs presented to Rajya Sabha on 13th February, 2009 and 19th February, 2014, respectively, without any pre-conditions, as soon as possible, to the Kashmiri Pandits who stayed back in Kashmir, the very existence of the Community will come under a question mark. In this regard a necessary direction is to be issued to the State Government which will definitely boost the morale of Kashmiri Pandits living in the Valley who in return will make the dream of the Indian Establishment regarding the return of Kashmiri Pandits successful. (Copies of the report are already submitted with the communication dated 26.12.2015)


As such, it is requested that the financial assistance under the PM’s Relief and Rehabilitation package be extended in full to the Kashmiri Pandit 808 families who stayed back in Kashmir Valley without any pre-conditions so that the miniscule Community of 808 familes is saved from disappearing from Kashmir Valley.


Thanking you in anticipation with request that any decision / communication made in this regard may be forwarded to us also.


Yours faithfully



Sanjay K. Tickoo




Copy to the:


  1. Hon’ble Chief Minister, State of Jammu and Kashmir, Civil Secretariat, Srinagar.