Tayseer MS

A young Hindu girl in Kerala who escaped from a yoga center after she was illegally held and assaulted several times for marrying a Christian man, has filed a petition in Kerala High Court. The Hindu girl who is an Ayurveda doctor declared in an affidavit submitted to the Kerala High Court that she was held illegally in the center for 22 days after being forcefully taken there. The girl alleges in her complaint that her mobile phone was seized by the yoga center management and later she was mercilessly tortured after being tied up and gagged.

Following tremendous pressures from her family in Kannur, the girl had filed a case in the family court in Kannur. The family court had given a judgement favouring the couple. The girl was then tricked by her family into visiting the yoga center and detained illegally by the center authorities.
Police have registered an FIR against Shivashakti Yoga and Charitale Trust located in Thripunithura. The center has no legal license to carry out its activities. The local police is investigating into allegations that Hindu women who marry men of their choice from other faiths are illegaly detained here and tortured by the center authorities under the pretext of “ghar vaapasi”. The victim revealed that the center is run by a Guruji Manoj took sessions against other faiths such as Islam and Christianity. She has also revealed to the media that about 65 girls have been illegally detained in the institution and many are victims of sexual abuse. The victim also revealed that  Athira who underwent ghar vaapasi after becoming a Muslim, had been held captive in the same yoga center. Guruji Manoj who is currently missing.
The Kerala High Court considered the petition filed by the victim today and has severely come down upon authorities asking if the state needed its own version of Ram Raheem Singh. The Court has also asked the Kerala government to crackdown on such illegal centers. The State Women’s Commission has already seeked report from the police. The local panchayat in Udayamperoor in a statement claimed they would be shutting down the illegal center. Udayamperoor is a small town situated in Ernakulam district, Kerala.