Sajeev Gopalan in hospital (Facebook/Sunil Villikadav)

A senior journalist was hospitalized after being allegedly assaulted by the police at his residence in Thiruvananthapuram on Sunday night. Sajeev Gopalan, working with Kerala Kaumudi journalist was attacked in front of his wife and daughter by a team of policemen, a Malayalam media reported.

Earlier, the scribe had reported an attack on two girls in  Idava Panchayat of Thiruvananthapuram. He had mentioned about police interference in the case, and the assault is said to be an act of revenge against him by the force.

According to the media report, two policemen arrived at Sajeev’s house in Varkala on Sunday around 10 PM. The duo started beating Sajeev up, who was seeing off a few guests after dinner. The officers later contacted the local Sub Inspector via wireless, who came with more men and joined the attack.

Sajeev was followed inside his apartment and further beaten in front of his family. His wife and daughter were allegedly abused by the police.



The officers then called up SI Biju over the wireless, and the SI arrived with a team of police and started beating up Sajeev.

Before even Sajeev could ask why he was being attacked, the SI gave him a tight slap. Sajeev then ran into his house followed by the SI and team and then they started brutally beating up Sajeev.

When Sajeev’s wife requested to stop the beating, she was threatened and was showered with many cuss words. Even though the neighbours came rushing after listening to the commotion, the police didn’t stop.

Kerala Kaumudi had reported the attack of two girls in Idava a few days earlier. The SI was uttering something about this incident in between shouting at the wife.

The police left only after creating an atmosphere of terror for almost half hour.

Sajeev is undergoing treatment at Varkala Taluk hospital. A complaint has been registered with the Director-General of Police against the accused SI by the journalist fraternity of Kerala.