What Is The Main Issue Of Modi, BJP And NDA During The 2014 Lok Sabha Election-
Development or Majority Communalism?

By Thomas Kocherry

03 May, 2014

This is the last article written By Thomas Kochery who passed away today. He sent out this article at 3.50 AM this morning. He passed away a few hours after sending out this article. Thomas Kocherry was a social activist, priest, and lawyer who helped found the Kerala Swatantra Matsyathozhilali Federation. He was also a Special Invitee at World Forum of Fisher Peoples (WFFP) and Executive Committee Member. of National Fishworkers’ Forum (NFF), India

Modi started his election campaign with Development as the main issue. He wanted Gujarat as the model for development of India. In any point of view Gujarat is not the best model for development. Let us take one example that Modi was working at a tea Stoll. Even after 40 years the tea Stoll remains the same and it remains closed forever. The village where the tea stoll is, remains without any development. I do not know what is he talking about development? Is it Mudra of Ambani? Or Adani?.There are many states in India better development that is more inclusive. Development is only a cover for something else. This is becoming more and more clear.

Is it Majority Communalism as the hidden agenda?

Now the real colour of Modi is coming out. He has proved that majority communalism works out very well in Gujarat. By killing thousands of Muslims, majority Hindu communalism worked out very well in Gujarat. BJP tried that during the destruction of Barbari Mazjid. And then the PM of India Narasimha Rao gave a silent approval of it. In Kandamal the Majority Communalism was tried against Minority Christians. Now Modi wants to try that whole of India. This is coming out from the mouth of Togadia and Giriraj. Giriraj is holding on to his stand. And on the other hand Togadia says it was fabricated. Once the issue was raised to the Majority Community, the purpose is achieved.

It is a One Man Show with the help of RSS?

Modi is pushing this Majority Communalism with the help of RSS. He is pushing this with fascism. He is a Hitler of our times. He wants the Majority Communalism like in Pakistan. He does not respect Indian Constitution (IC). He does not respect Secular Nature of India where Majority and Minority Religions are equal and respected. He does not respect Democracy. He is an autocrat and he speaks and behaves like an autocrat. It is a one man show.

Exclusive Development of Modi?

He talks about unearthing black money and stopping corruption. If he is honest he has to publish his expenses and income of all the rallies and his travel by helicopters. RTI should cover all the political parties. Most of the candidates are criminals and corrupt. Modi’s main organiser Amit Shah is an accused of two murder cases. Ultimately All Inclusive Development is forgotten. Modi is the champion of an Exclusive Development, Growth of a few and Privatization. A few are making profits at the expense of the vast majority who do not have the basic needs in life. Price rise and corruption are organically linked with this kind Exclusive Development. He is better than Congress in this kind of Excusive Development.

A False Presentation of Development of Gujarat?

Modi talks as if he is already PM of India. He makes a statement that he will bring back all the Black Money when he himself is a victim of black money from the MNCs. He makes a statement that he will enquire into the corruption of Vadra, husband of Priyanka. If he is so sure about Corruption why should he act only after being PM. He says lies after lies. If he says a lie hundred times common people believe him as if he is saying the truth. All he talks about Gujarat Development are lies. Farmers, and Common people do not experience any Development. Let us listen to what Gopal Menon has to say : “We have to expose his false propaganda about development. We will have to look into issues like female infanticide, education, toilets, health, education, child malnutrition, manual scavenging and other similar issues. All the public services in Gujarat are privatised. There is no doubt that there is infrastructure development in Gujarat. But it is a completely non inclusive development model which leaves out all the marginalised sections including the Dalits, Adivasis and religious minorities. Gujarat has the highest number of farmer suicides after Maharashtra. There are no minimum wages for worker even in private companies and in Government service.”

Hate Speeches?

Now Modi is saying that the leaders should stop speaking Hate Speeches. It is a big advise when the leaders have done enough harm. All these are planned and that is why these are coming out one after another. FIR is filed against Togadia. What does this mean to correct the harm he has done in society? This is a national agenda of NDA to have Majority Communalism to win in the election. Personal attacks and non-issues are raised and again. Modi cannot talk of anything serious but talks like a goonda. The latest is coming from Kadam of Shiva Sena, attacking Muslim Minority.

Legitimising Majority Communalism?

In a context of justifying Majority Communalism, the recent statement by Shazia Ilmi, justifying Minority Communalism belittle NDA pushing Majority Communalism all over India. Similarly Amarinder Singh Justifying Capt Jagadish Tytler, has created uncalled for protest by ihe Sikhs. Majority Communalism is a national agenda to come to power. On the other hand Amarinder Singh’s statement and Shazia’s Statement are not a national agenda, but only two individuals’ opinion. These have no effects upon people. However the UPA was not honest with handling the 1984 killing of Sikhs. The Sikhs have shown their anger now inspite of we were having a Sikh Prime Minister. In any case Congress has to be blamed for not conducting the real enquiry and running the case to find out the real culprits.

Is Modi honest with removing Corruption?

Modi’s latest statement is that he will create special courts to try corrupt political leaders of all the political parties. Great Modi is talking like Hitler because he is free from being Corrupt. Sovereign is not bound by the law. Is there any honesty in Modi? Whom is he fooling, poor common people, who want a leader like Modi!!! He is embodying himself as the Saviour of the poor common people.!!!!Can he bring all the political parties under RTI and LOKPAL?????Every account of the political parties and their leaders including Modi should be audited by CAG. There is no need of Special Courts, Modi. Please stop bluffing people to get votes!!!!!

Do we want true Democracy?

Do we want a Helicopter Democracy or Democracy with people in their context? Even during election time it is one way traffic. Modi and Rahul are addressing big crowds that they give promises. No interaction with people. This is the new Helicopter Democracy for all the big leaders like Modi, Rahul, Sonia, Jayalalitha and so on. They want their votes. Even now these leaders are not interacting with people. This is the only time people see their leaders from far. Afterwards people will not even see these leaders at all.

A study on Gujarat Model Development?

The main focus of Modi has been Gujarat model Development. It is very good that he is proud of his Governance. But the acid test in a Democracy that Modi’s proposal should be scrutinised through objective study by anybody. The great service in a Democratic set up has been done by the students of St. Xavier’s College. This objective study was not done by any political party bias. This study should be communicated to the people of India. The Principal of the said college has done only this service to the people. This is the democratic right of every citizen in India. Democracy is not one way traffic. It is two ways communication and interaction. The principal is saying this: “So what lessons does a reflection on the approaching elections teach us? The prospect of an alliance of corporate capital and communal forces coming to power constitutes a real threat to the future of our secular democracy. Support for people who pledge to work to take Human Development Indicators higher and who commit themselves to a pluralistic culture in diverse India – this is the hope for the future” .However UPA also has been standing for Exclusive Development of a few MNCs, Indian Companies, and a few rich people forgetting the majority. Everything is getting privatized and price rise of everything is on the increase in the way private companies want to make big profits. The majority got some crumbs like employment guarantee Scheme and so on.

Is there a Modi Wave in India?

Is there a Modi wave in India? There has been a big game being played through Mega Rallies spending a lot of money, Mega Advertisements spending a lot of money, Using Media for surveys, Using Media to show even the road show in Varanasi before filing his nomination showing the same in all the places where the election is taking place for 7 hours. If there is money and media support one can bring any number of people in India. Amit Shah says it is not a wave but Tsunami!!!. But does he know that Tsunami is dangerous and killed lakhs of people when it happened last time 26th. December 2004. Amit Shan has no idea about fisher people, wave and Tsunami. Wave can be positive but Tsunami is dangerous. Amit Shah is using an imagery of Tsunami but does he mean with regard to Modi? Fisher people in India gets frightened of Tsunami. Let us go through some of the states. Gujarat, and Madhya Pradesh, are fully with NDA. There is no Modi effect in Kerala, Taminadu, West Bengal, Jharkhand, Tripura, and North East states. Modi effect is debatable in all the other states and nobody can predict until we see the results on 16th May. No survey will work in all these states. Will Varanasi Road Show during Modi’s filing Nomination change the situation? It is a very complicated situation in all these states including UP, Karnataka, Haryana, Odisha, Rajastan, Andhra Pradesh, Punjab, Delhi, Utteraghand, Chathisghar and Maharashtra. Let us wait and see the results on May 16th. Then let us see whether there was Modi effect or not, whether there was Modi Wave or not, whether there was Modi Tsunami or not? If Amit Shah is using the imagery Tsunami in the Context of Fisheries and fisher people Modi Tsunami is very dangerous for India.

Attack on Minorities?

Now the latest is from a BJP yoga sanyasi Ram Dev. He goes with Modi everywhere and sits with Modi on the stages and embraces. Ram Dev says that Rahul goes to Dalits Villages to have Honey moon with Dalit women. Some time back Modi said that Rahul lives in palaces and he does not know the culture of the poor people who have tea stolls. Ram Dev is contradicting that!!!!. Here Modi talks of Majority Communalism but he has the superiority complex of Brahmins. In that context Modi and BJP are using Ram Dev to abuse Dalit Women. Dalit women all over India should stand against this abuse from Modi’s friend Ram Dev. Now Modi will come out with an apology, but the harm is done to the Dalit Women all over India. No apology can take away the harm done by Ram Dev. However both UPA and NDA have betrayed Dalit Christians and Dalit Muslims. Both are afraid of Majority Dalits. Both minority groups have been demanding amendment to the 1950 Presidential Order, which holds that only Dalits who practise Hinduism can be treated as SC. Later, there were two amendments to the order — in 1956 and 1990 — to grant SC status to Sikhs and Buddhists. The case has been before the SC waiting for the response from UPA. But UPA let them down. NDA will be worse than UPA in this case. Here comes both are standing for Majority Communalism. What Mayavathy is saying is true” Had the upper castes, which constitute the core of the BJP, not treated Dalits as untouchables, the Schedule Castes would have progressed, she said, adding, Dr Bhim Rao Ambedkar launched a struggle against untouchability and embraced Buddhism for the dignity of the community. “Only BSP is the well wisher of the suppressed community,” she said while calling upon the Schedule Caste members to vote for the BSP in the Lok Sabha election.”.

Priyanka Vs Modi on giving land at Cheap prices?

Both Priyanka and Modi are fighting each other on giving land to the companies and the rich with a throw away prices. It is a very loosing battle for Priyanka. Both have indirectly agreed that UPA and NDA have done this. Vadra has received land from Haryana and Rajasthan, with a cheap price. UPA has done this in Coal Scam, SEZs and so on. Modi has done in Gujarat helping MNCs and companies by giving land in cheap prices. If they continue to fight, they will be exposing each other their own sins. This is like pot calling kettle black. Both are in the same soup. The only question remains is that who has done more than the other. This should come out.

Why Modi is contesting from two places?

Modi, BJP. NDA claim that there is a Modi Wave , Tsunami all over India. If there is money you can play this kind of game anywhere in India. But if they are so sure why is Modi contesting from two places.? The very reason Modi is contesting from two places shows that he is doubtful of winning!!!??? If Modi is not sure, what about others? They will be in much more conflicting situations. Let us ask Modi if he is winning from both the places which one will he give up? In any case he will have to betray the people in one place. People are used by the leaders for their own gains.

A fight between David and Goliath?

Modi claims to be honest, he will remove all corruptions from India, he will unearth all black money. etc etc. But what did he do in Gujarat regarding all these? He was not willing to implement even the existing laws in Gujarat. Why did he not implement LOKAYUKTHA? This is a clear sign that he is not sincere with what he says. He is once again fooling the people to get votes!!!???Honesty and transparency is not shown in all his campaigns. Just imagine AAP is fighting against Modi with a few rupees and Modi with Crores. This is a fight between David and Goliath, Pandavas and Kowravas.

Is Modi a champion of the poor?

Another autocratic statement of Modi in West Bengal was that he would send back all the Bangladeshis from West Bengal to Bangladesh. This is typical of Modi who has no idea about these people. They are not migrants like Odisha workers. These people in West Bengal are Refugees from Bangladesh. They have legal protection in any country. Modi cannot chase them back. Modi has no idea about the world situation. He is still in the well, Gujarat. Further these Bangladeshis are the kith and kin of the people in West Bengal. If Modi is serous he should send Advani back to Pakistan, so that Modi is more safe in becoming the next PM of India!!!??? Modi claims to be a man from Tea Stolls. But Modi cannot recognise the poor refugees from Bangladesh. Does he know how many Refugees are West Bengal without Indian Citizenship??. Millions and millions are there. Modi as PM cannot touch them. These are all big talks to fool the people.

Is Modi true to honouring the Martyrs?

Here is the real colour of Modi and BJP coming out. Modi’s reference to the late Captain Batra in an election speech in Himachal Pradesh on Tuesday, has disturbed his family. Since Modi invoked late captain Batra’s name purely with an intention to increase his electoral prospects, he should now respond to the family’s concern on why he never found time to visit the family. Mrs Batra has rightly pointed out that Mr Modi was the BJP incharge of Himachal Pradesh when the Kargil war took place in 1999 and despite having visited Palampur, the martyr’s hometown, Modi did not get time to visit his home.The BJP leader should not try to invoke the names of those who laid down their lives for the country in such a casual manner, particularly when he and his party did nothing to respect the martyrdom. The ongoing election campaign has seen the BJP indulge in mudslinging to divert the attention of the people from real issues, but attempts to belittle the sacrifice of those who gave up their lives for the sake of the country in their prime youth, is unacceptable and those aspiring to occupy the highest offices, should show some degree of respect for their families. The soldier’s father, GL Batra, joined his wife in the attack. “He was a brave son of the country who sacrificed for the nation. Now if they are remembering, doing politics over it, I think it does not behove,” he said.

Do we want Growth Model coupled with Distributive Justice?

Now it is very clear that Modi wants Growh Model, Exclusive Development. It is a concern of the Companies and MNCs. By all means Modi wants growth of the wealth. But he forgets in the process that the vast majority of the country does not have the basic needs in life. We want an inclusive Development. All the people in India should have Education, Health Care, Food, Water, Employment and a House. Dr.Amartya Sen is analyzing UPA’s performance is a good lesson for Modi to learn. On subsidy, particularly in the light of the Congress manifesto promising to retain only the absolutely necessary subsidies, Prof. Sen said: “There has to be an attempt to cut subsidies. But before that there has to be an understanding of where the subsidies really go. The government spends a little over one per cent of the GDP on food security and employment regeneration (MGNREGA) but spends more than twice that much on subsidising electricity, cooking gas and other petroleum products, including diesel for luxury cars as well as fertilizer subsidies, which go primarily to rich farmers.” If the vast majority are not included in the Development, they will revolt. Modi cannot survive as PM without Inclusive Development. He will not survive as PM with Majority Communalism. The Minoritys will start revolting, which is Indian history. He has to respect Minorities.

Is there any difference between UPA and NDA?

They are interested only in toeing the line of big industrialists. Both are not interested in the issues`of the people at large like price rise, Corruption etc. Because their main concern is Globalization, Privatization and Capitalism. They are competing with each other on these. They are involved both in personal attacks like Mother,and son, when all the political parties are involved in Mother, Father, Son and daughter? We should know 50 candidates in different political parties are contesting either Father and Son or Father and daughter , Mother and son or mother and daughter, husband died or widow is contesting. The best example is Menaka and Varun..Is there any honesty in their attacks? In the past few days, we have only heard of Robert Vadra [son-in-law of Congress president Sonia Gandhi] and Adani [Gautam Adani, industrialist],” he said. “The BJP has raised such rubble on Mr. Vadra. If they are sincere, what is stopping them from filing an FIR against him in Rajasthan where they are in power? Both UPA and NDA are trying to sell India to multinationals. They accuse each other of murder of the Minorities. They forget the hands of both are bloody. They cannot escapes, one is killing the Muslims and the other is killing Sikhs. Another difference Congress is talking about that they are Secular, but how can Congress be Secular when Congress is not taking a stand on Dalit Christians and Dalit Muslims.??? The only difference is that BJP is talking Majority Communalism directly, but Congress acts on Majority Communalism indirectly???!!!. Whether NDA or UPA come to power the lot of the Majority Common People, Marginalised, Dalits, Tribals and Fisher People will not have the basic needs met????!!!!. On nuclear issue both NDA and UPA are in the same boat. Both are not serious about Renewable Energy like Solar Energy!!!???.For Manmohan Singh the greatest achievement, he claims during his 10 years is Indo-US deal, not RTI, RTE, MGNREGA, stopping Polio, and action against AID/HIV!!!???. When we talk about Criminals, Corrupt, and assets of the Candidates are in Crores all the Political Parties are in the same soup including all the Regional Political parties and AAP???!!! Imagine people have to make a choice in the midst of all these???!!!. We have to look for LESSER EVIL!!!???.

Expenditure by Political Parties?

EC has given permission for each candidate to spend up to 70 lakhs. What about the expenditure by each political party? Who is calculating this? Who is calculating all the rallies, road shows, helicopter travels by the leaders? Sidharth Varadarajan says that NDA has spent 484 Crores and UPA has spent 384 crores? Will Sidharth publish the details of this? Can the political parties publish the income and expenditure of each party?? Will EC look into this? What kind of Demcracy in which we are? If I cannot have 70 lakhs I cannot be a candidate? AAP should publish all their income and expenditure particularly in Varanasi?

Take action instead accusing each other?

The government today said that a judge will be appointed to conduct probe into Gujarat ‘snoopgate’ before counting of votes in Lok Sabha polls and rubbished BJP leader Arun Jaitley’s claim that no judge will “lend” himself to the “political and malafide” exercise targeting Narendra Modi. “The Cabinet had taken the decision to appoint a Commission of Inquiry to probe the incident of snooping on a woman in Gujarat. We will soon appoint the judge….before May 16,” Home Minister Sushilkumar Shinde told a press conference in Shimla. Asked whether the appointment of a judge in the midst of Lok Sabha elections would not amount to violation of the Model Code of Conduct, Shinde said, “It will not” as the decision had been taken more than four months ago by the Union Cabinet.EC has responded too: “The Election Commission has decided to ask the government to defer the appointment of the next Army chief until after the Lok Sabha polls, but will not block the Centre’s move to name a judge to head the judicial probe into “Snoopgate”. But Arun Jaitely says that this is politically motivated action, the NDA Govt can change UPA decision. This is very funny that when BJP was demanding a commission, but no Judge would take it up. Once the UPA was forced to take action NDA is getting scared. If NDA scraps UPA decision, its shows NDA commitment to TRUTH. This is the kind of a bold action by UPA we need if we want to prove any allegation. Similarly BJP should file a case against Robert Vadra in Rajasthan, instead of keep on accusing Priyanka. If NDA does not file a case against Robert Vadra, it shows that they are not serious with the accusation.

What is the greatness of 2014 Loksabha Election?

It is historic. During this election. Many issues are discussed, Corruption, Price Rise, Black Money, Exclusive Development, Inclusive Development, Democracy, Secularism. Majority Communalism, Election Expenses, Assets of the Candidates, Criminal back ground of the candidates, Representation of Women, Autocracy, etc etc. And in the process many outstanding people got involved. Election Commission was very active and involved, and the running of the election in a very super manner. We should be proud of Indian Constitution. We should be proud of our Democracy. We have to be grateful to our past, our great leaders, who showed the way and we should be proud of them. Inspite of all shortcomings, we can manage a Democratic Election like this, we are surviving with Wealth as the third country in the World according to the recent study of the World Bank. We have to learn a lot from all these to go forward. Who ever comes to power, they have to learn the art to have an ALL INCLUSIVE DEVELOPMENT WITH DISTRIBUTIVE JUSTICE. We have to respect Majorities and Minorities. We should be proud of India.

Thomas Kocherry, [email protected] www.thomaskocherry.com