The Latur Bar Association on Friday passed a resolution demanding a court-monitored CBI inquiry into the death of former CBI Special Court Judge BH Loya, who died in mysterious circumstances in Nagpur three years ago.

At the time of Loya’s death he was hearing the case of alleged fake encounter killing of Sohrabuddin Sheikh in which BJP president and former home minister of Gujarat Amit Shah was an accused.

Loya, who belonged to Latur in Marthawada region of the state, practised in Latur district court for almost a decade.

Speaking with Mumbai Mirror, the secretary of Latur Bar Association, Shared Ingle, said, “We passed the resolution in our general body meeting held on Friday stating that there should be a CBI inquiry monitored by the Bombay High Court Chief Justice into the death of Loya.”

He said a delegation of lawyers would meet the district collector and superintendent of police on Monday and hand over a memorandum to them, Ingle said.

The controversy over Loya’s demise arose after Delhi-based magazine recently published a story about the suspicious circumstances around his passing away in December 2014 after the BJP-led government came to power both in the state and at the Centre.

Loya had gone to Nagpur to attend wedding of a brother judge and was taken to private hospital after he reported sick.

Former chief justice of Delhi High Court and chairman of Law Commission Justice AP Shah has also demanded an inquiry into Loya’s death.

Shah, while speaking to the media, said, “In order to maintain the confidence of people in the judiciary, there is a need to conduct a thorough inquiry into judge Loya’s death. Not enquiring into the allegations made by the family would send a very wrong signal to the judiciary, particularly the lower cadre.”

Several questions are being raised in the media about the circumstances surrounding Loya’s death such as why a post-mortem of Loya’s body was ordered when there was no suspicion about any foul play? Who signed the post-mortem report as Loya’s cousin when no member of the Loya family was present in Nagpur at that time? Why judge JT Utpat, who preceded Loya, was transferred when there were specific orders by the Supreme Court that the case will be heard by a single judge from start to finish? Was judge loya offered the bribe as claimed by his sister? Why was judge Loya taken to hospital in a private vehicle and not the one belonging to the government rest house where he was staying? Who got him admitted to the hospital.