Today, 23rd March, day of hanging of Bhagat Singh, Rajguru and Sukdev were hanged in jail by the British, is being observed by a day-long hunger strike by over 200 `political prisoners‘ in various jails in Maharashtra, including the Angela Sontakkey and four women prisoners in Byculla women’s jail and Sidharth Bhosale and Deepak Dengle of Kabir Kala Manch who are lodged at Arthur Road jail.

The English Translation of the letter- thanks to Neeta Kolhatkar 🙂

On ‘Shahid day’ commemorating Bhagat Singh, Political prisoners to go on fast in jails

Commemorating the martyrs day of Shahid-e-azam Bhagat Singh, Sukhdev & Rajguru, political prisoner in Nagpur jail have gone on fast since last night.
March 23 , The martyrs day is a important  day for all political prisoners.All the political prisoners have to be released without any conditions.and the system followed for all those political prisoners who have been granted bail, have been released by the courts, but are re-arrested at the gates of the prison, has to be stopped henceforth. These are our 2 demands that we want implemented and hence we are on a one-day token fast for it. 
Bhagat Singh & his aides were responsible in helping to chase away the British Colonial rule and helped to establish the state of the deprived, labourers. Bhagat Singh and his supporters put up and inspiring fight for this mission. Forget fulfilling Bhagat Singh’s dream, that remotely isn’t possible. However those milking the people in the name of Bhagat singh are political leaders who have established a rule of dalals, traders, businessmen, mafia and goondas. Earlier we had one East India company ruling over us, today there are innumerable foreign MNCs who are ruling our country invisibly, from behind the curtains. Our country is truly not free in the real sense. And it is very imp to free the country once more & give freedom in its true sense.
Our call to fast is also a way to remind the public of the true spirit of Bhagat Singh’s fight for freedom. We have been inspired to take his message to the people of India & the youth regarding Bhagat Singh’s true legacy & we believe the current leaders, rulers are anti-nationals. As a result all the activists, workers and supporters of Bhagat Singh have been dumped in various jails across the state. Because we are fighting for the true freedom of this country, taking inspiration from Bhagat Singh, we are political rebels, we are ideological prisoners, but we are NOT criminals. therefor the political prisoners have to be released without any condition and this is our main reason to sit on a fast today. We will continue to keep alive the spirit & memories of Shahid Bhagat Singh, is the message that a political prisoner has circulated in a release.
date – 21-3-2012
venue – Nagpur Madhyvarti jail, Nagpur
1. Shridhar Shrinivasan
2. Bhimrao Bhopte

Read their letter in Marathi sent from the jail