Admiral.L.Ramdas (retd)
PVSM AVSM VrC VSM Village Bhaimala,
Former Chief of the Naval Staff
Magsaysay Award for Peace Maharashtra
Maharashtra Gaurav Puraskar


Mr. Narendra Modi,
Prime Minister of India
Mr. Shinzo Abe, Prime Minister of Japan

Subject: Proposed Indo-­Japanese Nuclear Supply Agreement

Your Excellencies,

It is indeed very surprising that Japan, as the only country which has
experienced the horrors of nuclear explosions at Hiroshima and
Nagasaki , and later the disastrous accident at the Fukushima power
plant and its downstream effects, should now be promoting the sale of
nuclear power plants to India. The fault no doubt lies with both the
buyer and the seller, but in this case we feel a greater
responsibility for promoting such a sale lies at the door of Japan.

I do not need to explain the horrors of a nuclear explosion or an
accidental burn out -­‐ for this is now common knowledge. I am of the
firm belief that if humanity is to survive, both nuclear power and
nuclear weapons should be abolished for all time to come.

As a former Indian military person, and one who headed the Indian
Navy, I firmly believe that nuclear weapons are politically counter
productive, economically a disaster, militarily inefficient, ethically
and morally totally indefensible.

Nuclear power likewise has a huge risk potential which as has been
experienced by the USA at Three Mile Island, by the erstwhile Soviet
Union at Chernobyl, and most recently by Japan at Fukushima.

The current proposal to conclude an Indo-­‐Japanese Nuclear supply
agreement, to supply nuclear power plants to India, is fraught with
danger and potential consequences which are unimaginable.

I would therefore strongly urge both Prime Minister Modi and Prime
Minister Shinzo Abe that India and Japan should not conclude the
planned nuclear supply agreement.


Admiral L. Ramdas