Dear Indians,

You should not be wondering who I am because my name is Rehan Ansari similar to Ahmed or Saeed or Mirza and I am not fictionalizing it. My English may not be as good or I may not appear as intelligent as many of my fellow Indians coming from convents. Still I have a heart which cries and eyes that flows/weep.

During election all parties remember me, some only to provoke my opposition whereas most others as my benefactor. But in the last sixty year I have been pushed to the brink in all spheres of life- courtesy our secular democratic rulers. Then I’m informed through high powered committees that I am the most backward, illiterate, poor and what not – even worse than those who have been deprived of respectable life for ages.
How could I reach such a pass in just sixty years is a riddle with which our sociologist/intellectuals/historians will debate for a long but for me it is not difficult to imagine as I am made to live my fate.

My history begins with our independence when my beloved country was bifurcated (later trifurcated) on communal lines. A great concerted effort was made to make all believe that I shall be made responsible for the path chosen by the stalwarts of freedom struggle. Consequently started large scale communal riots in the early decades causing innumerable economic damage to me. My life, property and prospect became booty to the rioters, most oftenly guided by those who were supposed to protect me. In the ensued frenzy more rioters were mobilised, yatras organised with sole aim of demoralising me to lose my self esteem, self confidence and self reflect. Then the Secular Parties Cap-walllas establish to handover me my report card. But never care to empower us by political representation.

On the other hand “Non-Cap Wallas”-once-communal parties, whose existence depends on our opposition, halt every step, however small it is, in the name of Muslim Appeasement. They Organize Yatras, to demolish Mosque, supervise our genocide, Jailed and Encountered our Youth in a COLD BLOOD or would I say in a well planned way. They deny our right to get justice that led the Supreme Court to order a hearing in the other states. First they plan to encounter us and then plan how to sabotage the case. They claim of development, but what’s the use of it without the security of life, free will and equal opportunity if not a helping hand.

I know the fact these lip services and hypocrisies of Political parties are not limited to the Muslims but our fellow Indians are suffering the same problems.
Despite all these, there are Muslim Achievers in almost every field because of their hard work, entrepreneurship and support from the inherent legacy of helping others in our community. Opportunities created by the free economy and most of all the unending support of my fellow Indians, their sense of Justice as human being helped us grow.

I know that most of the Muslim political leader doesn’t have a public base but dropped in our community from the high command. They sing their party’s song and expect us to dance on it. Our Social and religious leadership lacks knowledge and vision. Scarcity of resources and lack of faith among themselves added to our misery.

I am not frustrated but deeply saddened and scared with the daily state of affairs in our country. I am scared of the biased nature of our intelligence and security agencies. They work in tandem to encounter us as can be seen from the leaked CBI chargsheet in Ishrat Jahan case. Despite the expose, of the involvement of right wing forces belong to Non Cap Wallas’ Parviar, in terror cases, I am afraid of getting arrested after every terrorist attack. I am scared to use Mobile, facebook, twitter or other social networking tools because I might get arrested when I speak against some Thackrey. Freedom of Expression is only permitted when someone abuses our beloved Prophet, Sacred book or great religion.

May be I am being too harsh but the Truth is mostly bitter. I have a wonderful religion and I know many interpretations. I know our religious leaderships come from Madarsas of different sects who are ill- educated to satisfy the educated young mind. They need to learn that the differences among sects are the flexibility allowed in Islam. There is lots of scope for Ijtehad- Interpretations according to the prevailing condition that makes this religion Universal.

We like to be left alone to settle these disputes of interpretation. There can be different explanation of constitution like many courts in our country construe our constitution or applying of law differently. There is always a chance for improvement.

I know Islam and Muslims are used by our political parties to come into existence-read Non Cap Wallas or once- communal parties. I also know that Islam is used globally by some dominant and powerful countries for their energy security. But History will prove their deception.

I know I am hanged to satisfy the collective conscience whereas a terror accused belonging to the Parivars- are paid by our government. My Haj subsidies to be phased out but Bonus are distributed on Diwali. Many other religious Melas, fares, Yatras get government support. My mosques first demolished and then decided to be divided but no punishment for the conspirators. I am also affected by the Corruption, Poverty, hunger, Female Foeticides. But my voice against all these evils did not create sensation hence not covered by our national media.

Yes I require all types of affirmative action to uplift my community. I need Reservations in Education and Employment because I am left behind or in other words to become competent. I need Scholarship because don’t have money to get my livelihood. Need to be kept in Priority Lending Sector by the banks to venture in to small scale business so that I can add up something in the national GDP.

Affirmative actions are not appeasement but Justice for the weaker section of the society. Justice is more important to bring equality and prosperity for all in the society. Above all I need respect, love and security for my life and my family.

My hope lies in my belief in Allah, creator of not only me but the whole universe including, Cap- Wallas , Non- Cap-Wallas and their Parivar. I also believe that the intrinsically just and secular credentials not of any politician but my fellow countrymen will prevail. They will provide security to my life, will fight with me for justice, and will help us grow with them if not polarized by the politicians on communal line.

A fellow Indian wants me to save from the clutches of religious (Islamic) fundamentalism but advocates for Positive Hindutva. He might get some vastanvis, sareshwalas, and siddiquis around Modi but for general Muslims, BJP and Modi is like a saying in Hindi, Karela upar se Neem Chadha, it means “Neem coated Bitter Melon” How can one have it?

May Allah bring Peace, Harmony and Prosperity to our country. Amen!

Rehan Ansari

A Muslim Youth


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