Imphal/ 27 December 2014


The Chief Minister of Manipur

Government of Manipur

Imphal – 795001

Subject: Request for immediate halting for digging at former Tombisana school complex and institution of a high level inquiry

Hon’ble Sir,

The Families of the Involuntarily Disappeared’s Association, Manipur (FIDAM) would like to humbly draw your kind attention to the report of recovering eight skulls and a number of skeletons while digging he ground of former Tombisana High School campus for construction of a new market complex cum car parking in the heart of Imphal city.

The said premise had been used as a base camp by various security forces namely the Border Security Forces, Central Reserved Police Forces, Manipur police commando etc for many decades. Initial expert opinion has also suggested that the skulls and skeletons would have been buried for around 17 to 40 years.  This time period roughly coincide with the period when the phenomena of ‘enforced disappeared’ was endemic in Manipur.  Mention may be made of ‘disappearances’ of Mr. Thokchom Lokendro Singh (1980), Mr. Kangujam Loken Singh (1980), Mr. M. Kaizalal Paite (1994), Mr. Kingsutlin Kom (1995), Mr. Ng. Angpok (1995), Mr. N.S. John (1995), Mr. Laisharam Bijoykumar (1996), Mr. Yumlembam Sanamacha (1998), Mr. Khundrakpam Boyai (1998), Md. Tayab Ali (1999) etc. took place. FIDAM humbly submit that the skull and skeleton remains may belong to those who ‘disappearances’ in the hands of the security forces. Therefore the bones could also be the most crucial and critical evidence to establish the heinous criminal acts.

A team of FIDAM functionaries visited the premise today morning and we are shocked to find that digging of the ground continues unabated. The supervising engineer Mr.  R.C. Chatterjee of the Simplex Project Limited expressed his inability to halt the digging without orders from the higher authorities.

Under these circumstances FIDAM humbly request you the following:

  1. To immediately halt any further digging of the former Tombisana High School campus and to seal off the premise from any unauthorized persons.
  1. To immediately constitute a High Level Commission of Inquiry, headed by a retired Judge, consisting of competent experts in various related fields and to systematically excavate the premise to collect any further evidence.
  1. To systematically examine the skull and skeleton remains, verifying with DNA profiling of families whose loved ones have ‘disappeared’ during the said time period.
  1. To initiate criminal proceedings if any foul play in found     

Thanking you for your kind attention to this very serious matter.

(Md. Baniyamin) (Kangujam Ranjit)

General Secretary President

Ranjeeta, Human Rights Alert, Manipur

contact-  Ranjeeta Sadokpam [email protected]