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The following is as complete a list as possible of all nuclear reactor melt downs that have happened globally. This list is incomplete, and the total number of melt downs is not fixed, as the secrecy and/or relabeling around these reactor melt downs prevents a full accounting. The total number of melt downs may be less, put it is probably more than what is itemized here. This list includes a reactor fire, (Windscale) and 1 spent fuel pool meltdowns (Fukushima). If what are labeled as “criticality excursions” the number would be higher. The following events all qualify as being equal to meltdowns and/or releasing massive amounts of radiation.
What is surprising to most people is the fact that there are many more than just 3 nuclear reactor melt downs that the pro nuclear apologists try to promote along with the myth about nuclear reactor safety. What is even more shocking, are the hundreds, if not thousands of accidents, spills and radioactive contamination caused by the pursuit nuclear weapons, hidden in plain sight.

So the next time someone starts talking about how there were only 3 nuclear reactor melt downs, feel free to correct them by saying; “You really meant to say 30 or more, right?”

1942 – First Nuclear Reactor – Chicago Pile I Hidden In Open Sight; via A Green Road

1952 – NRX Reactor Melted Down in Ontario, Canada; via @AGreenRoad

1954- Borax 1 – 5 Reactors Melted Down And Blown Up, 100% On Purpose; via @AGreenRoad

1955 EBR – Experimental Breeder Reactor Melts Down; via @AGreenRoad

1957 Windscale Sellafield: Biggest Covered Up UK Nuclear Disaster? via @AGreenRoad

1958 NRU Nuclear Reactor Meltdown; via @AGreenRoad

1959, 1964, 1969 Santa Susana Sodium Reactor In Los Angeles California; 3 Nuclear Plant Meltdowns Completely Covered Up, 260 Times Worse Than Three Mile Island; via @AGreenRoad

1961 – Nuclear Reactor Meltdown : The SL-1 Accident – United States via @AGreenRoad

1964 – Small Modular Nuclear Reactor Meltdown And Explosion SL-1 – Idaho, United States via @AGreenRoad

1964 to 1966, 3 Or More SNAP Nuclear Reactors Melted Down; via @AGreenRoad

1966 – Enrico Fermi Liquid Sodium Cooled Breeder Reactor Melts Down; via @AGreenRoad

1967 – Chapelcross Nuclear Power Plant And Reprocessing Facility In Scotland Melted Down; via @AGreenRoad

1969 – Lucens Reactor Melted Down In Switzerland; via @AGreenRoad

1969 – Saint-Laurent Nuclear Power Plant Melted Down In France; via @AGreenRoad

1977 – A1 Nuclear Power Plant at Jaslovské Bohunice, Czechoslovakia, Melted Down; via @AGreenRoad

1978 Pinawa Manitoba Nuclear Reactor Partial Meltdown; via @AGreenRoad

1979 – Three Mile Island Meltdown And Radiation Release Coverup Exposed – 1 Billion Curies Released; via @AGreenRoad

1980 – Saint-Laurent Nuclear Power Plant Melt Down Accident In France; via @AGreenRoad

1985 – LOFT Nuclear Reactor Melted Down On Purpose; via @AGreenRoad

1986 – Chernobyl Nuclear Reactor Melts Out And Blows Up; Denial Of 1 Million + Casualties; via @AGreenRoad

1988 – Pickering I Nuclear Reactor In Ontario Canada Melted Down; via @AGreenRoad

1989 – Germany Greifswald Unit 5 (KGR-5) Nuclear Power Plant Melted Down; via @AGreenRoad

2011 – Fukushima Triple Reactor Meltdown/Meltthrough, Japan Suffered 3 Mega Disasters, Now Suffering From 4th Mega Nuclear Disaster, USA Will Be Next; via @AGreenRoad

2011 – Fukushima Spent Fuel Pool #4 Contained A Full Load of MOX Plutonium Fuel; It Melted Down, Exploded And Burned; via @AGreenRoad

Lists of 100+ Worst Nuclear Disasters And Radioactivity Release Incidents; via @AGreenRoad

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