The BJP and RSS use ‘Love Jehad’ as a hate ploy against Muslims. Hitler used a similar tactic to generate hate against Jew, claiming that young Jewish men were luring German girls and encouraging Black men to do the same, to pollute the quality and purity of Aryan blood and overwhelm/subdue the German nation. MN Roy, in his book on ‘Fascism’, quotes this passage from Hitler’s ‘Mein Kampf’:
“The black haired Jewish youth lies for hours in ambush, a satanic joy in his face, for the unsuspecting girl whom he pollutes with his blood and steals from her own race. By every means, he seeks to wreck the racial bases of the nation he intends to subdue. Just as individually he deliberately befouls women and girls, so he never shrinks from breaking the barriers race has erected against foreign elements. It was, and is, the Jew who brought Negroes to the Rhine, brought them with the same aim and with deliberate intent to destroy the white race he hates, by persistent bastardization, to hurl it from the cultural and political heights it has attained, and to ascend to them as its masters. He deliberately seeks to lower the race level by steady corruption of the individual …(Hitler, Mein Kampf.)`
(As quoted in ‘FASCISM’ –Selected Works of M.N.Roy, Volume IV: 1932-1936: Oxford University Press).