It is nothing but harassment of LPG users to insist on Aadhar linkage when the Supreme Court has made it very clear that it cannot be made mandatory. Recent bitter experience in my case is that there was no confirmation SMS that booking was done and when I attempted to book the gas cylinder again, the above information was available under IVRS. But the same was not available through SMS.

Moreover, there is no system of communication about the release or deposit of the subsidy amount in the bank account. One has to periodically go to the bank and check his passbook to ascertain the credit of subsidy.

Further, it is financial strain to the middle class people to purchase the cylinder at non-subsidised price and wait for the subsidy for quite a long time with uncertainty. The government should opt out from DBT for gas consumers henceforth keeping in view their genuine difficulties.

I V. Prabhakara Rao


I booked a LPG gas cylinder refills on January 2 and February 5 (ref no-3000119681 and 3000135138) through our gas agency Adi Mallik enterprises in Ameerpet. I have already linked my HDFC bank account and Aadhar card and it has been confirmed by my gas dealer that my bank account and Aadhar card has been linked.

However, till date, the subsidy amount has not been credited in my bank account.

How many days will it take to credit the subsidy amount from the purchase of refill?

According to my knowledge, it should not take more than a week . Needless to say, the delay in crediting the subsidy is creating a lot of anxiety. I request higher authorities to act on my complaint. My Aadhar number:771771554967 and my Indane Consumer no is 43404.

Pradyot Das


Changing or correcting the names is the toughest part in Aadhar card and LPG subsidy. I have submitted a letter seeking name change along with supporting documents and (Know You Customer) KYC to my HP gas distributor Kamala Enterprises on March 9. I have personally visited the distributor and got my regulator also verified.

After that, the gas agency persons said that they will visit my house for verification. So far, despite repeated requests and reminders and numerous personal visits to the gas agency, nobody has turned up. At this moment, I am not able to avail the LPG subsidy because of my pending name change. I can only seed Aadhar card with my bank account only after my name is changed.

It is increasingly becoming clear that Aadhar card linkage with LPG subsidy is harassment.

Praveen Chander Srivastava