*Decision of AIKSCC State Meeting*

The AIKSCC Maharashtra state chapter has decided to intensify the ongoing countrywide struggle against the Farm Acts and Electricity Bill of the Central Government throughout Maharashtra on December 3. 

The BJP Central Government and Haryana state government tried to suppress the farmers struggle with brute force. They employed water cannons and teargas shells, erected barricades and barbed wire fences, dug trenches on highways and arrested hundreds of activists. Valiantly braving all this repression, tens of thousands of farmers from Punjab and Haryana have amassed on the Delhi border and have laid siege to the capital for the last six days. 
The first round of talks with the government yesterday have proved inconclusive and the next round is scheduled for December 3. The AIKSCC has therefore given a call to intensify the farmers agitation all over the country. 
In line with this AIKSCC call, all like-minded farmers organisations, along with organisations of agricultural workers, the working class, women, youth and students will organise mass rallies before every district collectorate and tehsil office and will also conduct road blockades there on December 3. 
The AIKSCC Maharashtra chapter appeals to all the people to join the struggle of our annadatas to repeal the three Farm Acts, withdraw the Electricity Bill and ensure MSP at one and a half times the cost of production to all crops of all farmers. 
The AIKSCC online meeting yesterday was attended by Raju Shetty, Dr Ashok Dhawale, Medha Patkar, Pratibha Shinde, Namdev Gavade, Seema Kulkarni, Subhash Lomte and Dr Ajit Nawale. 
The Struggle Committee for People’s Movements in Maharashtra, which comprises trade unions, kisan, khetmazdoor, women’s, students and youth organisations as well as several social organisations had another online meeting yesterday with the initiative of Vishwas Utagi, and it also decided to give full and active support to the farmers struggle on December 3. 
December 2, 2020