The lectures continued for the third day outside the Kalina campus gate; students plan to conduct hunger strike on January 20 to highlight their problems and demand for their professor to be called back

 January 17, 2014

Kranti Vibhute

Professor Dr Neeraj Hatekar’s lectures outside the Mumbai University (MU) campus gate at Kalina stepped into their third day, with yet another lesson being delivered to over 30 students last afternoon. Meanwhile, Governor K Sankaranarayanan had called Vice Chancellor Rajan Welukar for a meeting at Raj Bhavan to discuss the controversial matter.

Professor Hatekar used a microphone at the lecture yesterday, so that his students could hear him over the din of the traffic. Pic/Sayed Sameer Abedi

A press release from the Raj Bhavan said, ‘The Governor and Chancellor of the University of Mumbai K Sankaranarayanan today asked the VC Dr Rajan Welukar to resolve the issue arising out of the suspension of Professor Neeraj Hatekar in an amicable manner at the earliest and following due procedure, in the larger interest of the students and the reputation of the University.’

Many new faces were seen at the lecture today. Around 33 students came to attend the lecture at 3 pm on game theory, a topic in Microeconomics. In a fresh development, the Joint Action Front of students from the Save Mumbai University Campaign and University Community for Democracy and Equality are planning to conduct a hunger strike for a single day on January 20 outside the Kalina campus, at the same spot where Professor Hatekar is holding his lectures. They want to highlight the problems experienced by students of the varsity and also demand that Professor Hatekar’s suspension be revoked.

At least 10 students will sit for the hunger strike. Professor Hatekar said, “Today I borrowed a mike from my wife, who is also a professor. There is a lot of noise from vehicles outside the main gate of the Kalina campus of Mumbai University. I think students were able to hear me more clearly today.”

Support from students
This is the first time I am attending Professor Hatekar’s lecture outside the campus. Though it was on the footpath with noise coming from the busy street full of traffic, Sir’s voice was reaching everyone as he was giving the lecture on a mike that he had brought. I can go anywhere to gain knowledge, especially when it is from a professor like Dr Hatekar. – Shipra Verma, MA (Part -I)

I am not good at Mathematics, but when sir teaches, he makes the subject so easy that we understand. No one can teach like him. Starting today, we have a professor teaching us in place of Professor Hatekar, but
Dr Hatekar’s teaching is unique. – Ayush Khaitan, MA (Part-I)


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