Maharashtra Labour Minister and NCP leader Hasan Mushrif  hit the headlines for wrong news twice in the last 24 hours.

Mushrif was at a public function in Buldhana in Vidarbha when a NCP worker climbed on the stage and poured ink on him. The party worker, identified as Namdeo Dongardive, was angry since he did not have a job despite repeated attempts.

The Buldhana district collector and the Amravati divisional commissioner were also present at the event. NCP workers caught hold of the ink attacker and handed him over to the police.

But again Mushrif landed up in a controversy when his followers gave him a ‘milk bath’ at Kolhapur. Milk was poured on the NCP leader by his supporters in response to the Thursday’s incident in Buldhana.

The minister’s supporters first made him sit on a stool. They then poured milk which was brought in cans and steel tumblers on Mushrif. A television grab showed overzealous supporters taking photographs of the minister while he was being drenched with milk.

As the news of the publicity stunt spread, angry reactions came from the opposition BJP. Senior BJP leader Gopinath Munde said that if sins could not be washed away with milk, then Mushrif’s supporters should use ‘ghee’ instead.

Labour minister and NCP leader Hasan Mushrif on Friday apologized for the act of some of his followers who gave him a ‘milk bath’ to ‘purify’ him of an ‘ink attack’.

At a public function at Buldhana on Thursday, an NCP worker walked to the stage where Mushrif was sitting and poured black ink on him. Other NCP workers immediately caught the attacker, identified as Namdeo Dongardive, and handed him over to the police.

On Friday morning, when Mushrif reached the circuit house here to attend a meeting of the party workers, his followers asked him to sit on a chair and poured milk on him to purify him from the ink pouring incident.

Speaking to reporters about the incident, Mushrif said, “I apologize for what my followers have done today. I did not realize what they are doing. Otherwise, I would have stopped them. I was baffled both the times, when they poured milk on me today and when the party worker poured ink on me.”

In protest against the ink-throwing incident, party workers closed all shops and business activities and called a bandh in Kagal, Mushrif’s hometown and constituency.

A rally was organized at Nagarpalika chowk and the followers poured milk on Mushrif’s photo and burned an effigy of Dongardive. Nearby villages also participated in the rally and bandh.

A TV grab shows supporters pouring milk on Mushrif

A TV grab shows supporters pouring milk on Mushrif
A TV grab shows supporters pouring milk on Mushrif

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