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With a view to link academic progress of students with their Aadhar cards, the higher and technical education ministry has asked all technical institutions to get their students to share details by organising special drives. The ministry has further asked colleges to also get the bank details of those students who wish to avail various financial assistance schemes of the government.

According to the resolution issued by the higher and technical education ministry last week, the ministry has said that based on a Central government decision to link up various details of individuals, all institutions that include technical and non-technical, aided and unaided institutions under the ministry are required to get the Aadhar card number as well as bank details of students eligible for financial help. Putting the onus on the principals, directors, chairmen and managements of the institutions, the resolution has asked the institution authorities to personally oversee the same by conducting special drives as soon as the academic year starts.

In a meeting last year, the Central government had decided to link up various details of individuals including scholarship, pension, LPG, cellphone number, MNREGA and railway reservation, among others, to the Aadhar card. Commensurate to this the higher and technical education ministry has asked the institutions to give students’ Aadhar card details.

With regards to students eligible for financial assistance from the government, the resolution has said that bank details collected from the students would also be added to their Aadhar details so that the amount they have applied for would be directly transferred in the same.

The ministry has further informed that the protocol for linking academic progress of students to Aadhar would be provided by the UIDIA and the ministry would facilitate the same for the institutions. The information thus filled up by students would be available on ‘Data on Click’ option of their profiles.