After due deliberations in meetings held on 16th December 2020 and 20th December 2020, the trade unions including the central trade unions constituting the   Kamgar Sangathan Samyukta Kruti Samiti (Maharashtra State) have taken a decision to launch a consumer boycott  mass action  against two corporate monopolies,  among its entire membership in support of the  kisan struggles.
In the month of September, during the Covid lockdown, the Modi government hastily and undemocratically enacted three laws which will adversely impact the small and medium farmers of the country , as well as three anti-worker Labour Code Acts. 

The farmers all over the country, are in the midst of an indefinite peaceful agitation against these Acts and courageously facing government  repression. 

On November 26th and December 8th there were two nationwide strikes and bandh actions by the workers and farmers against the new laws. 

It is clear that these three new Acts are not only against the farmers, but will also result in the undermining and dismantling of the Food Corporation of India and the public distribution system, affecting working people all over India, especially the poor. 

It is also clear that the Modi government is acting only at the behest of corporate monopolies like the Reliance and Adani groups. 
A legal foundation for profiteering, and legal cover for black marketeering in food grains, other agricultural products , electricity  etc. is sought to be erected using the brute majority of the BJP in parliament. 

Common citizens will be forced to pay higher food prices and electricity tariffs to rescue the corporate bosses from looming bankruptcy.

The trade unions of Maharashtra have therefore decided to intensify the peaceful struggle by conducting  a systematic boycott campaign among its rank and file membership in support of their kisan brothers and sisters . 

As the first phase, a call is being given to all our union members to port out of Jio telecom services systematically ,  and  also to boycott Reliance and Adani products ( such as Jio, Reliance Fresh, Reliance Petrol pumps, Adani Wilmar consumer products etc.)

The boycott will begin on 1st January 2021 and be continued indefinitely and with growing spread and reach until the following demands are conceded by the Modi government. In addition parallel programme of badge wearing, demonstrations at retail outlets and petrol pumps, and poster campign will be organized.

The demands:
1. Withdraw the  anti farmer      three Agriculture Acts . 
2. Make minimum support price for farm produce legally binding.
3. Withdraw the anti workers four Labour Code Acts and restore all labour rights.
4. Withdraw the proposed Electricity  (Amendment) Bill 2020.
The Modi government has proved that it is unwilling to listen to the voices of crores of the citizen kisans and workers. Since it is acting on behalf of the corporate monopolies, we are confident that it cannot and will not refuse to hear the pleas of the same corporate monopolies who will be affected by this mass consumer collective action.

On behalf of ::::::::::::::::::::::
1) JAYPRAKASH CHAJED              President (INTUC) 
2) Com C N DESHMUKH      President (AITUC)
3) Com Shankar rao Salvi      President.   ( HMS. )
4) Com Dr. D.L. Karad    President  (CITU)
5) Com Uday Bhat     President (AICCTU)
6) com Anil Tyagi     President     (AIUTUC 
7) Com M A Patil      President  NTUI 
8) Com Dilip Pawar. President. Shramik Ekata MahaSangh 

 9) com Sanjay Singhvi       President        (TUCI )
And leadership of constituent unions.

Trade Union Joint Action Committee(Maharashtra)

कामगार संघटना संयुक्त कृति समिति                (महाराष्ट्र राज्य  )