Sanusha said the man tried to feel her lips when she was sleeping and when she realised it, she twisted his hand and raised an alarm.

Malayalam actor Sanusha was allegedly harassed on a moving train from Kannur to Thiruvananthapuram on Wednesday night, marking yet another case of brazen sexual harassment of an actor in the state. The actor also stated that none of her co-passengers save for two men, reacted to the incident or supported her.

Sanusha was traveling to the state capital in the Maveli Express which starts from Mangalapuram when the accused, 40-year-old Anto Bose from Villukuri in Tamil Nadu allegedly attempted to molest her.

“I was sleeping. Suddenly I felt something touch my lip. When I woke up I saw this guy lying on the upper berth opposite me trying to feel my lips. I immediately twisted his hand and switched on the light,” Sanusha told Asianet.

The actor also stated that it was heartbreaking to see that nobody reacted or supported her during this awful experience

“When I told everyone, nobody seemed to mind. Only two people, writer Unni R and Ranjith, a man from Kozhikode, helped me out. I think people’s protest and outrage begin and end on Facebook. But when you’re confronted with a real life situation, nobody cares or reacts,” she added.

Stating that she may have received overwhelming support had she posted about the incident on Facebook, Sanusha said, “Probably if I had put up a status on Facebook, there would have been many more people showing support, saying “I’m with Sanusha” and changing their display pictures. However, as a woman I want members of the community to stand up for me at times when such incidents happen, not just later on social media. It is really disheartening and I have lost faith in the society.”

When asked if she would feel hassled by the number of court cases and procedures this incident would entail, she said, “Not really. I was determined that I would resolve the issue only after the police were involved. Thankfully I have my family with me for support. But even if I had to fight this alone, I would go with it because if this inspired a few girls or even one girl in the future to identify harassment and react to it, I would have done some good.”

The actor also insisted that everyone must react to such situations when they see or experience it.

“Before any other education is imparted, little girls must be taught to react to bad touch, harassment or any other unpleasant thing in schools and houses,” she told Asianet News.

The Thrissur railway police arrested the accused following the complaint filed by the actor.

“An FIR was filed under IPC section 354 and the accused has been produced at the court for further proceedings,” Thrissur Railway SI told TNM.

In a another case of sexual harassment, actor Amala Paul alleged that she was sexually harassed at her workplace and registered a complaint at the T Nagar police station in Chennai on Wednesday.