Woman flees husband in Muscat after rape, torture
The woman said her husband wouldn’t spare her despite excruciating pain in her back. She is at present residing at a shelter and looking for a job
She suffered a slipped disc because he’d force himself on her in ‘unnatural’ ways, she alleged; her parents left her to her own devices fearing ‘dishonour’.

A 26-year-old woman fled from her residence in Muscat after sustained violent sexual assaults by her husband. The woman, a Jogeshwari resident, reached Mumbai on May 26 and rushed to the Amboli police station to file a police complaint against her husband, Amjad Jivani, alleging he would rape her and force her to have “unnatural sex”, which caused her severe spine ailments becsue of which she had to be hospitalised on multiple occasions.

The victim, now at a women’s shelter, did not approach her own family as her parents threatened to kill her if she let them down in front of her husband or in-laws.

Talking to Mumbai Mirror, she said, “I got engaged to Amjad in May 2014. He would keep talking about sex and other things in an outrageous manner, so I decided to call off the engagement, but his parents convinced my parents not to cancel the wedding and promised that he would mend his ways after the wedding.”

So she got married to Amjad in January last year. “The same night he raped me repeatedly,” she said.

“He’d use sexual supplements and sprays and would not listen to my pleas to stop; I kept enduring the pain.”

Home return equally painful

A few days after, she left her in-laws’ residence and returned to her maternal home. But her father and stepmother did not pay heed to her plight, and asked her to return to her husband fearing for their “honour”. “They said they would not let anything besmirch their dignity in society and that it was my duty to be with my husband. When I tried convincing them, they threatened to kill me if I did not return to my husband and I had to go back,” the survivor said.

Amjad, a civil engineer by profession, found a job in a petroleum company in Muscat, Oman, and shifted there in March last year.

The woman said in her statement to the police that Amjad returned for a month in July and tortured her sexually and mentally, despite her complaints of her poor health. She had suffered a slip disc and doctors advised her to avoid physical stress.

In September, Amjad took her with him to Muscat, where they stayed in a rented apartment. He’d assault the victim sexually very often and force her to have unnatural sex, she said, due to which her condition deteriorated and she was left bed-ridden.

Aftab Sidique, a social worker who is helping out with the survivor’s case, said, “She had to be hospitalised on multiple occasions due to her spine illness which became unbearable when she was forced to have unnatural sex by her husband. He would not allow her sot speak to the neighbours or even step outside the house. He would be away at work for two to three days and upon returning, resort to the same torture.”

Sidique added that the couple consulted doctors in Muscat, who advised that the victim shouldn’t lift any weight.

“But her husband would force himself on her, even when she was moaning in pain. He’d ask her why he should suppress his sexual desire for her illness,” the activist said.

The Amboli police initially registered a case of assault and dowry harassment but after medical investigations and intervention of social workers from Sneha NGO, the cops added section 377 (unnatural sexual) of the Indian Penal Code against Amjad.

The victim is at present residing at a women’s shelter in Amboli and is looking for a job to start life afresh.