Today December 29, a massive rally of tens of thousands of farmers from all corners of Bihar under the joint leadership of AIKSCC began from the Gandhi Maidan in Patna. The fighting farmers marched through Patna, broke the first barricade that the police had put up and were in the process of breaking the second barricade when the police resorted to a severe lathi charge. 
The rally turned into a massive public meeting at the main Dak Bungalow Chowk. Here it was addressed by three AIKSCC Working Group members – AIKM General Secretary Rajaram Singh, AIKS President Dr Ashok Dhawale and AIKS General Secretary Atul Kumar Anjan. Several state leaders of the AIKSCC like Lalan Choudhary, Vinod Kumar, Ashok Singh, Janardan Singh, Anil Singh, Prabhuraj Narayan Rao, Nand Kishor, Priyadarshi and others also spoke. 

All the Kisan leaders came down heavily on the Modi-led BJP government and its surrender before the corporate lobby led by Ambani and Adani. They accused this nexus of being responsible for foisting the three Farm Acts and the four Labour Codes on the country. They called for further intensification of the struggle and widening the boycott of Ambani and Adani products and services. 

An AIKSCC delegation met the Governor and submitted a memorandum demanding immediate repeal of the three black Farm Acts, withdrawal of the Electricity Bill, and legal guarantee of MSP and procurement at one and a half times the entire cost of production.