Mathura – GLA University ,private recognized university approved by the AICTE,offering diplomas, undergraduate, postgraduate and doctoral programs in engineering and management  imposes dress code on teachers .  GLA  University teachers are offended by circular  by the Pro – Vice Chancellor asking them to wear appropriately

According to a  copy of the  circular, sent to  , Pro- Vice chancellor Prof A M Agarwal directs teachers to be dressed in a “appropriate manner”, has evoked strong responses from teachers, who are offended by what they see it as an imposition on their personal freedom.


The circular dated August 5 ,  tells teachers’ It is essential to  conduct ourselves befitting to the  faculty. We are expected to dress in professional and appropriate manner  Proper grooming and attire have  positive impact on teaching and learning environment . Dress that disturbs and interferes with  or detracts from educational process will not be allowed . Further notice talks about punishment saying that , ‘If faculty is not found in the prescribed attire  they will be considered on leave’.

“But, who decides what ‘appropriate ’ is?” Terming the note condescending, a teacher said in a tone that was unmistakably sarcastic: “As teachers we are aware of our role and the responsibility that goes with it. I wear a salwar kameez on most days. Now if the college  finds my style of wearing in appropriate , will they send someone to drape Sari   around me?” Why is a salwar kameez – very much a traditonal Indian outfit, less respectable?, she asks .

Another teacher  spoke in support of her clan, saying: “Well, beyond a basic dress code, the way one dresses is personal. No one should dictate what teachers ought to wear. Teachers are quite conscious of these things. Some people tend to equate saris with decency. It doesn’t work that way – there is nothing indecent about salwar-kameez or trousers. Teachers know these things,” she added

There are students who think sari is ‘sensual’.  Jeans are actually seen as comfortable and easy wear, and saris as ‘dressy’ by many others. Many others feel sari is not easy to maintain or move in, and not weather appropriate, while jeans and salwar kameez are.

Teachers in the college have been wearing churidar and salwar kameez  for a long time, in fact it is such a convenient outfit. Wearing a churidar and rushing to work saves up a lot of time. If there is decorum in the manner in which teachers dress then there should be no problem in what a particular person wears. Even a sari is revealing if not worn properly, in fact a churidar is less revealing when compared to a sari, she adds.

This circular is another step towards moral policing  and enforcing of  the so called Hindu culture as some teachers are staunch supporters of RSS and BJP, and have been trying to impose dress code for a long time now , according to a teacher, she further added .’ It is more evident from the fact the university  does not have holiday on EID  or Christmas , although there are Muslim  teachers and students  in the university.’

This circular is applicable to female and male teachers , about 50% of female teachers do not want to wear sari, but are afraid of losing their jobs going against the circular. ‘We want the HRD Minister to Intervene  in the matter’, the teachers contacted by kractivist, said in one voice .

Every individual has his or her own choice when it comes to dressing. The very idea that discipline can be ensured through a dress code is unacceptable.

HRD Minister Prakash Javadekar are you Listening ?